united kingdom c 80nm W of Shetland Isles

West Navion Drilling Ship, Offshore UK

United Kingdom

Satellite and aerial maps of c 80nm W of Shetland Isles with nearby locations

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7.6208SCH Schiehallion platform, Offshore UK
18.8233FOI Foinaven platform, Offshore UK
27.3164 Lancaster FPSO, Offshore UK
89.9066 Clair platform, Offshore UK
133.4152EGEP Papa Westray, Scotland
145.7142EGEN North Ronaldsay, Scotland

60° 25' 0'' N - 4° 0' 0'' W
West Shetland Basin
Elevation: 113 feet

History of this Location

Approximate location of Drilling Ship West Navion on 10 Nov 2001, when AS322L Super Puma G-BKZE tipped over on its helideck (elev 113) a few minutes after landing.

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List of aircraft and events at c 80nm W of Shetland Isles

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2001-nov-10 AccidentCHC ScotiaAS332L Super PumaG-BKZE

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