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  • cyprus Calypso Prospect

    c 60nm SW of Cyprus, Cyprus EEZ


    Oil and Gas Energy Industry

    Satellite and aerial maps of Calypso with nearby locations

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    104.8032LCPH Paphos International Airport, Paphos
    109.9028LCA21 Paphos General Hospital, Paphos
    117.9045LCA11 Bloodhound Camp, Limassol
    119.8046LCA14 Episkopi FH, Limassol
    122.5046 Salamanca Barracks, Limassol
    123.3046 Episkopi Range, Limassol

    33° 55' 22'' N - 31° 52' 2'' E
    Calypso Field, Block 6

    History of this Location

    Marker is approximately centre point of the Block 6 hydrocarbon exploration area in Cyprus Exclusive Economic Zone. In Feb 2016 the Cypriot Government announced a competition for licences for Blocks 6, 8 and 10 (the latter two to the east and south of Block 6, respectively). In 2017, the Italian ENI and French Total organisations were awarded collaborative rights to Block 6.

    Cyprus has developed Median Line agreements with Egypt and Israel in accordance with UNCLOS 82 principles for its EEZ. This potential economic windfall for Cyprus has met with objections from Turkey on behalf of its citizens in the north of the island. To such an extent that, following a NATO exercise in the Eastern Mediterranean, Turkey retained warships in the area in early Nov 2017, to monitor the drilling.

    In Feb 2018, ENI and Total announced a Gas find of exploitable quantity, in geology similar to that of the nearby Zohr field (further to the south), offshore from Egypt. Cyprus Block 6 is located over part of the distal end of the Nile submarine deltaic fan extension.

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    List of aircraft and events at Calypso

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    2017-nov-07 2017-nov-16 Block 6 monitoringTürk Deniz Kuvvetleri Barbaros class F244 TCG Barbaros
    2017-nov-07 2017-nov-16 Block 6 monitoringTürk Deniz Kuvvetleri G class F495 TCG Gediz

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