australia Fleet Air Arm Museum, Nowra

Nowra, New South Wales

1.4222YSNW Nowra, New South Wales
46.9 27 Albion Park, New South Wales
47.0 27YWOL Wollongong, New South Wales
100.3 6YSCN Camden, New South Wales
101.4 9 Thomas Collection, New South Wales
113.4 19YSHW Holsworthy Barracks, New South Wales

1974 to present

34 56 10 secs S - 150 33 17 secs E
NE side of Nowra Air Station
Elevation: 350 feet

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1974 ExhibitFleet Air Arm (RAN)Type 171 SycamoreXD653
1976 Exhibit47G-3A1-640
1991 ExhibitWessex HAS.31N7-221
2000-sep ExhibitFleet Air Arm (RAN)Type 171 SycamoreXA220
2003 ExhibitFleet Air Arm (RAN)UH-1C IroquoisN9-3102
2004 ExhibitUH-1D Iroquois66-16290
2008 ExhibitscoutVH-NVW
2008-jan ExhibitFleet Air Arm (RAN)UH-1B IroquoisN9-882
2012-apr-04 ExhibitSea King Mk.50N16-118

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