united kingdom Firth of Clyde

Prestwick, Offshore UK
United Kingdom

Satellite and aerial maps of Firth of Clyde with nearby locations

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7.9342 5nm W of Saltcoats, Scotland
13.7274 Arran, Scotland
22.2109EGPK Prestwick, Scotland
23.9 77EGK20 Crosshouse Hospital, Scotland
25.1126 Ayr Hospital, Scotland
26.1 2 Largs Bay, Scotland

55 34 N - 4 55 W
off mouth of River Clyde

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List of aircraft and events at Firth of Clyde

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2015-jan Royal NavyType 23 Duke classF82 HMS Somerset
2019-mar-31 2019-apr-05 JW19-1DK Royal Danish Navy Thetis classF357 KDM Thetis

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