chile Fuerte Aguayo

Concón, Valparaíso

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2.1266SCVM Viña del Mar, Valparaíso
9.1234SHHN Hospital Naval Almirante Nef, Valparaíso
11.8157 El Belloto, Valparaíso
12.1221SHGF Hospital Dr Gustavo Fricke, Valparaíso
16.3215SCRD Vina del Mar Rodelillo, Valparaíso
17.7237 Valparaíso, Valparaíso

32° 56' 54.55'' S - 71° 27' 23.5'' W
Elevation: 495 feet

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Fuerte Aguayo News

HMM-364 in Partnership of the Americas 2014, 17-Aug-14 : FUERTE AGUAYO, Chile by 1st Lt Michael Hopkins - As a part of Partnership of the Americas 2014, service members from different nations spent the day getting familiarized with partner nation helicopters in order to increase proficiency in joint humanitarian assistance/disaster relief operations here, August 15, 2014.

List of aircraft and events at Fuerte Aguayo

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2014-aug US US Marine CorpsCH-46D153368
2014-aug US US Marine CorpsCH-46D154011
2014-aug US US Marine CorpsCH-46D154827
2014-aug US US Marine CorpsCH-46D154832

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