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  • usa Gina platform

    Block 202 - Hueneme Field, Offshore California, California


    Oil and Gas Energy Industry


    Satellite and aerial maps of Gina platform with nearby locations

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    11.3034KOXR Oxnard, California
    11.4274 Gail platform, California
    14.7089KNTD NAS Point Mugu, California
    14.9298 Gilda platform, California
    18.9291 Grace platform, California
    20.0057KCMA Camarillo, California

    1969 to present

    34° 7' 3.00'' N - 119° 16' 37.92'' W
    Santa Barbara Channel

    History of this Location

    Field discovered by Mobil in Jul 1969 and produces from the Lower Miocene Hueneme Sand Member of the Monterey Formation and the Upper Oligocene Sespe Formation from c. 5200ft depth.

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