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  • united kingdom Leman Foxtrot, Shell UK

    Block 49/26, Leman Field, Offshore UK

    United Kingdom

    Oil and Gas Energy Industry

    Satellite and aerial maps of Leman F plaform with nearby locations

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    13.6143 Leman D platform, Offshore UK
    17.8339 Vulcan PUR platform, Offshore UK
    18.9161 Camelot CA platform, Offshore UK
    18.9230 Hewett A platform, Offshore UK
    26.7025 Ganymede ZD platform, Offshore UK
    39.9316ANA Anglia A platform, Offshore UK

    1987 to present

    53° 6' 28.81'' N - 2° 3' 57.60'' E
    Southern North Sea

    History of this Location

    The Leman gas field was discovered in Apr 1968 in the Upper Permian Leman Sand and has led to further wells in the area. Shell now operates the Leman Alpha complex, which includes Leman Foxtrot (opened in Sep 1987). Gas is exported to Leman Alpha and onward to Bacton, UK.

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    List of aircraft and events at Leman F plaform

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    2002-jul-16 AccidentBristow S-76A G-BJVX

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