usa Long Beach Convention Center

Long Beach, California

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5.6252 NS Long Beach, California
6.8 30KLGB Long Beach, California
8.3245 Bethlehem San Pedro, California
8.6261 Todd Pacific Shipyards, San Pedro, California
13.0 77KSLI Los Alamitos, California
14.7287KTOA Zamperini Field, California

1978 to present

33° 45' 50.00'' N - 118° 11' 18.00'' W
300 E Ocean Blvd

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News about this location

Airbus Helicopters at AMTC 2015, 15-Oct-15 : Airbus Helicopters USA H130 and H135 models will be present at the Air Medical Transport Conference (AMTC) 2015, Long Beach Convention Center, California, October 19-21

List of aircraft and events at Long Beach Convention Center

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2015-oct-19 AMTC 2015   Bell Helicopter505 Jet Ranger Xmockup
2015-oct-19 AMTC 2015   State of IndianaEC145N911BH

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