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  • united kingdom Murchison platform

    Block 211/19, Murchison Field, Offshore UK

    United Kingdom

    Oil and Gas Energy Industry

    Satellite and aerial maps of Murchison platform with nearby locations

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    14.0141 Statfjord C platform, Offshore Norway
    15.3209DX Dunlin A platform, Offshore UK
    16.7158ENSF Statfjord A platform, Offshore Norway
    19.7164LF6M Statfjord B platform, Offshore Norway
    22.3074ENSE Snorre A platform, Offshore Norway
    26.1029 c 14nm NE of Murchison, Offshore Norway

    1980 to 2014

    61° 23' 42.25'' N - 1° 44' 17.75'' E
    East Shetland Basin
    ICAO: IATA: Local: MT
    Elevation: 192 feet

    History of this Location

    The Murchison Field was discovered in 1975 and extends beneath UK Block 211/19 and into Norwegian Block 33/9, c 130 nm NE of Shetland in c 155m of the Northern North Sea.

    The reservoir is located in northerly dipping Middle Jurassic Brent Group deltaic sandstones and is capped by Upper Jurassic shales. The platform was installed in 1979 and production began in Sep 1980. Oil was exported by pipeline to Sullom Voe (Shetland) via Dunlin and Cormorant A. Production had ceased by the end of Mar 2014.

    Decommissioning began in Sep 2014 and whilst 24500 tonnes of topsides were removed, parts of the 24600 tonne, 8 legged jacket were left standing 44m proud of the seabed. The approved decommissioning was completed in Jun 2017.

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