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  • spain Museo de Aeronáutica y Astronáutica

    Madrid, Madrid



    Satellite and aerial maps of Museo del Aire with nearby locations

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    1.6073LECU Cuatro Vientos, Madrid
    3.5238LEHA Hospital Alcorcon, Madrid
    5.4058 Hospital Gomez Ulla, Madrid
    6.3242LERY Hospital Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid
    8.8083LEDO Hospital 12 de Octubre Heliport, Madrid
    10.3139LEGT Getafe AB, Madrid

    1966 to present

    40° 21' 58.80'' N - 3° 48' 11.52'' W
    Cuatro Vientos
    Elevation: 2300 feet

    History of this Location

    Although the Museo del Aire as an organisation was formed in 1966, it has been based at its Cuatro Vientos site since 1975.

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    List of aircraft and events at Museo del Aire

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    By Date | By Serial

    1978 Exhibit C.19 IV P EC-AIM
    1978 ExhibitEdA SRS2 ZD.1B-22
    2000 ExhibitEdA SRS2 ZD.1B-19
    2003-aug ExhibitDGT SA318C EC-CLV
    2003-aug-24 SA318C EC-CLV
    2004-aug-07 SA318C EC-CLV
    2005-jul-13 ExhibitDGT SA319B EC-CBY
    2005-jul-13 ExhibitEdA SRS2 ZD.1B-22
    2005-nov-05 SA318C EC-CLV
    2006-dec-01 SA318C EC-CLV
    2009-feb-22 SA318C EC-CLV
    2010-may ExhibitEdA UH-1H HE.10B-52
    2011-aug-09 SA318C EC-CLV
    2014 ExhibitEdA 269C / 300 HE.20-12
    2014 ExhibitEdA AB47 HE.7-13
    2017-feb ExhibitCNP 105CBS-4 EC-LNN
    2017-feb ExhibitFAMET Bo105 HR.15-21
    2019-aug-21 CNP 105CBS-4 EC-LNN
    2019-aug-21 EdA AB47G-3B HE.7B-16
    2019-aug-21 FAMET Bo105 HR.15-21
    2019-aug-21 mi-2d CCCP-23760
    2019-aug-21 DGT SA319B EC-CBY
    2019-aug-21 EdA SA330L HD.19-03
    2019-aug-21 ExhibitEdA SRS2 ZD.1B-22
    2019-aug-21 FAMET UH-1H HU.10-58
    2019-aug-21 EdA UH-1H HE.10B-39
    2019-aug-21 EdA UH-1H HE.10B-52

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