Eastern Mediterranean

Mediterranean Sea , N of Egypt


Satellite and aerial maps of Eastern Mediterranean with nearby locations

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Nearby locationsKmBearing
Karpathos , Notío Aigaío 197.6322LGKP
Kassos , Notío Aigaío 211.6317LGKS
55nm SE Anaximander Ridge , Eastern Mediterranean 212.6072
Olympos Helipad , Notío Aigaío 224.3328
Sitia , Kriti 255.1301LGST
Kastelorizo , Notío Aigaío 255.5022LGKJ

  Eastern Mediterranean

34° 1' 30'' N     28° 29' 0'' E
southern slope of Strabo Trench, Mediterranean Sea, N of Egypt

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  Eastern Mediterranean News

Operation Sea Guardian in the Mediterranean

Operation Sea Guardian in the Mediterranean

07-Feb-17 - Three NATO ships provided by Turkey, Italy and Greece deployed in the eastern Mediterranean in a standing Maritime Security Operation named Sea Guardian (OSG)

  Operations at Eastern Mediterranean

Dates Operation
14-sep-14 Opération Chammal
01-jan-05 SNMG2

List of aircraft and events at Eastern Mediterranean

By Date | By Serial | By Model

1975-sep-011975-dec RN Improved Centaur class R12 HMS Hermes

1985-nov-17 USN Iwo Jima class LPH-2 USS Iwo Jima

2016-may-192016-may Egyptair MS804RN Type 45 Daring class D36 HMS Defender
2016-may-192016-may Egyptair MS804Royal Fleet Auxiliary Bay class L3007 RFA Lyme Bay
2016-sep Aéronautique Navale Durance class A630 Marne
2016-sep Aéronautique Navale F70 AA class D614 Cassard
2016-sep Aéronautique Navale Horizon class D621 Chevalier Paul
2016-sep Aéronautique Navale F70 ASW class D643 Jean de Vienne
2016-sep USN Arleigh Burke Flight I class DDG-71 USS Ross
2016-oct-24 Aéronautique Navale AS565SA 486
2016-oct-24 USN Arleigh Burke Flight I class DDG-71 USS Ross

2017-feb USN MH-60S 167880

2019-jan Marine Luchtvaartdienst NFH N-324
2019-oct-11 accidentPAS 412EP SU-CBX

2020-jan-03 EAF KA-52 6639

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