Eastern Mediterranean

Mediterranean Sea, N of Egypt

Satellite and aerial maps of Eastern Mediterranean with nearby locations

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267.1352LGRP Rhodes, Rhodos Island
335.9296LGIR Heraklion Nikos Kazantzakis, Crete
344.4156HEAX Alexandriya - Borg el Arab, Alexandria
375.0 77LCPH Paphos International Airport, Paphos
379.6314LGSR Santorini, Notío Aigaío (Southern Aegean)
382.2 32LTAI Antalya, Antalya

34 1 30 secs N - 28 29 E
southern slope of Strabo Trench

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News about this location

Operation Sea Guardian in the Mediterranean, 07-Feb-17 : Three NATO ships provided by Turkey, Italy and Greece deployed in the eastern Mediterranean in a standing Maritime Security Operation named Sea Guardian (OSG)


14-sep-14Opération Chammal

List of aircraft and events at Eastern Mediterranean

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1975-sep-01 1975-dec UK Royal NavyImproved Centaur classR12 HMS Hermes
1985-nov-17 US United States Naval AviationIwo Jima classLPH-2 USS Iwo Jima
2016-may-19 2016-may Egyptair MS804UK Royal NavyType 45 Daring classD36 HMS Defender
2016-may-19 2016-may Egyptair MS804UK Royal Fleet AuxiliaryBay classL3007 RFA Lyme Bay
2016-sep FR French NavyDurance classA630 Marne
2016-sep FR French NavyF70 AA classD614 Cassard
2016-sep FR French NavyHorizon classD621 Chevalier Paul
2016-sep FR French NavyF70 ASW classD643 Jean de Vienne
2016-sep US United States Naval AviationArleigh Burke Flight I classDDG-71 USS Ross
2016-oct-24 FR Aéronautique NavaleAS565SA Panther486
2016-oct-24 US United States Naval AviationArleigh Burke Flight I classDDG-71 USS Ross
2017-feb US US NavyMH-60S Seahawk167880

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