united kingdom North Coates

Grimsby, England
United Kingdom

Satellite and aerial maps of North Coates with nearby locations

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3.0 44 off North Coates, Offshore UK
6.2114EGXS RAF Donna Nook, England
6.5313 Cleethorpes, England
11.9294 Princess of Wales Hospital, England
13.0316 Port of Grimsby, England
18.6251EGXB Binbrook, England

1916 to present

53 29 53 secs N - 0 4 E
4.5nm SE of Cleethorpes
Elevation: 12 feet

History of this Location

North Coates has seen several phases of use:
  • an Army camp from before 1910
  • from 1916 as a forward patrol base for Royal Flying Corps aircraft to intercept Zeppelins during the latter part of WWI, until spring 1919
  • reactivated in 1926 as an armaments training camp, servicing the nearby Donna Nook Range
  • during WWII it was a Coastal Command base
  • from 1948 it was used for parts recovery and scrapping of wrecked aircraft
  • Search and Rescue base for 275 Sq B Flt, from Feb 1955
  • from Jul 1956 it was transformed into a Bloodhound SAM base, until the RAF Station closed in Dec 1990
  • now used for general aviation on a part of the old RAF base.

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List of units at North Coates

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YearsRotary Wing Aircraft Unitbold : Current Model
normal: Unit no longer at this base
1954/57275 SquadronType 171 Sycamore 1954/59
Type 171 Sycamore 1953/55

List of aircraft and events at North Coates

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1955-feb DetachmentRoyal Air ForceSycamore 4XE317
1956-jan DetachmentRoyal Air ForceSycamore 4XG514
1957-may-20 AccidentRoyal Air ForceSycamore 4XJ363
2019-feb-15 Lynx AH9ZG914

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