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  • spain Bazan Cartagena

    Cartagena, Murcia


    Satellite and aerial maps of Bazan Cartagena with nearby locations

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    0.4054 Cartagena Naval Base, Murcia
    2.6310 Hospital Naval Cartagena, Murcia
    2.9084HGUSL Cartegena Hospital, Murcia
    25.6333LEMI Murcia Corvera, Murcia
    25.6038LELC Murcia San Javier, Murcia
    27.2025LENR Hospital del Mar Menor, Murcia

    37° 35' 49.52'' N - 0° 59' 39.19'' W

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    List of ships built at Bazan Cartagena

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    1928ES Sanchez Barcaiztegui Churruca I class
    1928AR D-1 ARA Cervantes Churruca I class
    1928AR D-2 ARA Garay Churruca I class
    1929ES Jose Luis Diez Churruca I class
    1929ES Almirante Ferrandiz Churruca I class
    1930ES Lepanto Churruca I class
    1931ES Churruca Churruca I class
    1931ES Alcala Galiano Churruca I class
    1933ES Almirante Valdes Churruca I class
    1935ES Almirante Antequera Churruca II class
    1936ES Almirante Miranda Churruca II class
    1936ES Ciscar Churruca II class
    1936ES EscaƱo Churruca II class
    1936ES Gravina Churruca II class
    1937ES Jorge Juan Churruca II class
    1937ES Ulloa Churruca II class
    1946-apr-30ES D-51 Liniers Liniers class
    1951ES D-52 Alava Liniers class

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