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  • singapore Singapore Technologies Marine Ltd

    Singapore, South West


    Satellite and aerial maps of ST Marine with nearby locations

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    0.6101 Keppel Fels Ltd, South West
    2.2244 Tuas,
    8.3113 Port of Singapore,
    10.0023WSAT Tengah Air Base, South West
    20.1046WSAG Sembawang, North West
    24.1121 singapore strait,

    1° 18' 4'' N - 103° 40' 50'' E
    Benoi Road

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    List of ships built at ST Marine

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    -Corvette Independence class
    2000Landing Ship/Platform Dock Endurance class
    2008Guided-Missile Frigate Formidable class
    2010Support Ship SSRV SG class

    ?SG RSS Sovereignty Independence class
    ?SG RSS Unity Independence class
    ?SG RSS Justice Independence class
    ?SG RSS Indomitable Independence class
    ?SG RSS Dauntless Independence class
    ?SG RSS Fearless Independence class
    ?SG 20 RSS Fortitude Independence class
    1998-marSG 207 RSS Endurance Endurance class
    1998-augSG 208 RSS Resolution Endurance class
    1999-marSG 209 RSS Persistence Endurance class
    2000-febSG 210 RSS Endeavour Endurance class
    2004-jul-3SG 69 RSS Intrepid Formidable class
    2005-jan-28SG 70 RSS Steadfast Formidable class
    2005-jul-15SG 71 RSS Tenacious Formidable class
    2005-dec-9SG 72 RSS Stalwart Formidable class
    2006-may-9SG 73 RSS Supreme Formidable class
    2008-nov-29SG mv Swift Rescue SSRV SG class
    2011-mar-21TH LPD 791 HTMS Angthong Endurance class
    2015-jul-3SG 15 RSS Independence Independence class

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