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  • china Whampoa Wenchong Shipbuilding

    Guangzhou, Guangdong



    Satellite and aerial maps of Whampoa Wenchong Shipbuilding with nearby locations

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    35.8340ZGGG Guangzhou Baiyun, Guangdong
    62.3161 COMEC-GSI, Guangdong
    63.9141ZGSZ Shenzhen Baoan, Guangdong
    78.2138ZGNT Shenzhen Nantou Heliport, Guangdong
    99.5137VHSK Sek Kong, New Territories
    100.2172MOMFM Macau Outer Harbour Ferry Terminal, Macau Penins

    23° 5' 22.44'' N - 113° 25' 25.62'' E
    ICAO: IATA: Local: CNGGZ
    Elevation: 10 feet

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    List of ships built at Whampoa Wenchong Shipbuilding

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    2006-sep-30CN 530 PLANS Xuzhou Type 054A class
    2007-mar-18CN 570 PLANS Huangshan Type 054A class
    2009-feb-8CN 571 PLANS Yuncheng Type 054A class
    2009-nov-17CN 548 PLANS Yiyang Type 054A class
    2010-aug-24CN 538 PLANS Yantai Type 054A class
    2011-may-21CN 572 PLANS Hengshui Type 054A class
    2011-dec-13CN 547 PLANS Linyi Type 054A class
    2012-may-9CN 575 PLANS Yueyang Type 054A class
    2013-oct-8CN 576 PLANS Daqing Type 054A class
    2015-mar-19CN 531 PLANS Xiangtan Type 054A class

    List of aircraft and events at Whampoa Wenchong Shipbuilding

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    2015-mar-19 People's Liberation Army Navy Type 054A class 531 PLANS Xiangtan

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