61 Communard

Mykolaiv , Mykolaiv

ukraine Ukraine

Satellite and aerial maps of 61 Communard with nearby locations

Nearby locationsKmBearing
Black Sea Shipyard , Mykolaiv 3.7207
Chernomorsky Shipyard , Mykolaiv 4.5217
Mykolaiv Intl , Mykolaiv 11.4324UKON
Kherson International , Kherson Oblast 50.4131UKOH
off Odessa , Odessa Oblast 100.7239UAODS
Liman , Odessa Oblast 108.7246UKOE

  61 Communard

46° 58' 30'' N     32° 0' 28'' E
Mykolaiv, Mykolaiv

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List of ships built at 61 Communard

1979Guided-Missile Destroyerrussia Kashin class
1983Guided-Missile Cruiserrussia Project 1164 Atlant class

1977-sep-17 Nadezhnyy Kashin class
1978-sep-27 Gubitelnyy Kashin class
1979-jun-16 Lovkiy Kashin class
1979-julRU 121 RFS Slava Project 1164 Atlant class
1983-mar-12 Tvyordyy Kashin class
1986-feb-1 Tolkovyy Kashin class

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