usa New York Naval Shipyard

Brooklyn, New York

3.2269KJRB Port Authority Downtown Manhattan / Wall Street Heliport, New York
4.63586N5 East 34th Street Heliport, New York
6.6 10 East 60th Street Heliport, New York
6.6332KJRA West 30th Street Heliport, New York
7.5340 USS Intrepid Museum, New York
7.9343 Pier 92, New York

40 42 6 secs N - 73 58 16 secs W

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Ships built

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1937Cruiser Brooklyn class
1956Aircraft Carrier Forrestal class
1961Aircraft Carrier Kitty Hawk class
1962Landing Ship/Platform Dock Raleigh class
1965Landing Ship/Platform Dock Austin class

1937US CL-40 USS Brooklyn Brooklyn class
1938US CL-48 USS Honolulu Brooklyn class
1955-oct-8US CVA-60 USS Saratoga Forrestal class
1958-jun-6US CVA-62 USS Independence Forrestal class
1960-oct-8US CV-64 USS Constellation Kitty Hawk class
1962-mar-17US LPD-1 USS Raleigh Raleigh class
1962-sep-15US LPD-2 USS Vancouver Raleigh class
1963-aug-3US LPD-3 USS La Salle Raleigh class
1964-jun-26US LPD-4 USS Austin Austin class


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1952-sep United States Naval AviationEssex (long hull) classCV-36 USS Antietam

Latest News

CAE to Provide NH90 Training to Qatar

Elbit to Provide SAR Solution to Undisclosed Country

ADAC Leased Four H135 for German Army Training

Heliconia AW139 Service Centre for Honeywell

Sloane AW139 Service for Isles of Scilly from 2019

Bell 505 Bearpaws by DART Aerospace

Qatar Ordered 28 NH90 and 16 H125

Air Ambulance Interior for the AW109SP



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