New York Naval Shipyard

Brooklyn , New York

usa USA

Satellite and aerial maps of New York Naval Shipyard with nearby locations

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Nearby locationsKmBearing
Port Authority Downtown Manhattan Wall Street , New York 3.2269KJRB
East 34th Street Heliport , New York 4.63586N5
East 60th Street Heliport , New York 6.6010
West 30th Street Heliport , New York 6.6332KJRA
USS Intrepid Museum , New York 7.5340
Pier 88 , New York 7.6341US NYC

  New York Naval Shipyard

40° 42' 6'' N     73° 58' 16'' W
Brooklyn, New York

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List of ships built at New York Naval Shipyard

1937Cruiser Brooklyn class
1956Aircraft Carrier Forrestal class
1961Aircraft Carrier Kitty Hawk class
1962Landing Ship/Platform Dock Raleigh class
1965Landing Ship/Platform Dock Austin class

1937US CL-40 USS Brooklyn Brooklyn class
1938US CL-48 USS Honolulu Brooklyn class
1955-oct-8US CVA-60 USS Saratoga Forrestal class
1958-jun-6US CVA-62 USS Independence Forrestal class
1960-oct-8US CV-64 USS Constellation Kitty Hawk class
1962-mar-17US LPD-1 USS Raleigh Raleigh class
1962-sep-15US LPD-2 USS Vancouver Raleigh class
1963-aug-3US LPD-3 USS La Salle Raleigh class
1964-jun-26US LPD-4 USS Austin Austin class

List of aircraft and events at New York Naval Shipyard

1952-sep USN Essex (long hull) class CV-36 USS Antietam

2023-may-242023-may NY Fleet Week 2023RN Scott class H131 HMS Scott

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