Defoe Shipbuilding Company

Bay City , Michigan

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Nearby locationsKmBearing
MBS Intl , Michigan 17.7242KMBS
Saginaw County HW Browne , Michigan 19.4174KHYX
St. Mary s Hospital Heliport , Michigan 20.619210MI
Owosso Community , Michigan 71.3196KRNP
Bishop Intl , Michigan 72.2170KFNT
Lansing , Michigan 108.2211KLAN

  Defoe Shipbuilding Company

1905 to 1976

43° 36' 24'' N     83° 53' 5'' W
Bay City, Michigan

Was a ship builder established in 1905. It closed in 1976. The site is now a scrapyard on the bank of the Saginaw River.

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List of ships built at Defoe Shipbuilding Company

1956Frigate Dealey class
1960Guided-Missile Destroyer Charles F. Adams class
1966Frigate Garcia class

1955-nov-2US DE-1021 USS Courtney Dealey class
1956-jan-5US DE-1022 USS Lester Dealey class
1959-apr-22US DDG-7 USS Henry B. Wilson Charles F. Adams class
1959-jul-28US DDG-8 USS Lynde McCormick Charles F. Adams class
1960-apr-27US DDG-12 USS Robison Charles F. Adams class
1960-aug-4US DDG-13 USS Hoel Charles F. Adams class
1963-sep-26US DDG-25 Built in USA for Australia Charles F. Adams class
1964-jan-9US DDG-26 Built in USA for Australia Charles F. Adams class
1965-feb-4US FF-1047 USS Voge Garcia class
1965-jun-8US FF-1049 USS Koelsch Garcia class
1965-oct-20US FF-1051 USS O'Callahan Garcia class
1966-may-5US DDG-27 Built in USA for Australia Charles F. Adams class

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