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    Kolkata, West Bengal



    Satellite and aerial maps of GRSE with nearby locations

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    5.4169VEBA Kolkata Behala, West Bengal
    114.1051VGJR Jessore, Khulna Division
    194.5023VGIS Ishurdi, Rajshahi Division
    208.8082VGBR Barisal, Barisal Division
    212.6009VGRJ Shah Mokhdum, Rajshahi Division
    253.4090 Bhola Island, Barisal Division

    1960 to present

    22° 33' 5'' N - 88° 17' 0'' E
    4.5nm SW of Kolkata

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    List of ships built at GRSE

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    1988-aug-16IN P44 INS Kirpan Khukri class
    1988-aug-16IN P47 INS Khanjar Khukri class
    1992-sepIN F61 INS Kora Kora (25A) class
    1994-jan-29IN F31 INS Brahmaputra Brahmhaputra class
    1995-octIN F62 INS Kirch Kora (25A) class
    1997-augIN F63 INS Kulish Kora (25A) class
    2000-nov-28IN F37 INS Beas Brahmhaputra class
    2001-aprIN F64 INS Karmuk Kora (25A) class
    2004IN F39 INS Betwas Brahmhaputra class

    List of aircraft and events at GRSE

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    1994-jan-29 Bharatiya Nau Sena Brahmhaputra class F31 INS Brahmaputra
    2000-nov-28 Bharatiya Nau Sena Brahmhaputra class F37 INS Beas

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