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  • china Hudong-Zhonghua Shipyard

    Shanghai, Shanghai


    Satellite and aerial maps of CSSC Hudong Zhonghua with nearby locations

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    12.3221 CSSC Jiangnan, Shanghai
    23.9247ZSSS Hongqiao, Shanghai
    161.8183ZSNB Lishe Intl, Zhejiang
    200.0041 East China Sea,

    31° 16' 44'' N - 121° 34' 7'' E

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    List of ships built at CSSC Hudong Zhonghua

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    -Support Ship type 903A Qiandaohu class
    -Landing Ship/Platform Dock type 071 Yuzhao class
    -Frigate type 054A Jiangkai II class
    1991Frigatethailand Chao Praya
    1994Guided-Missile Destroyer Type 052 class
    1996Support Shipthailand Similan class
    2006Destroyeralgeria Soummam class

    ?CN 890 PLAN Chaohu type 903A Qiandaohu class
    ?CN 989 PLAN Changbaishan type 071 Yuzhao class
    1991TH FF 455 HTMS Chao Praya Chao Praya
    1991TH FF 456 HTMS Bangpakong Chao Praya
    1991-aprCN 112 PLANS Harbin Type 052 class
    1992TH FF 457 HTMS Kraburi Chao Praya
    1992TH FF 458 HTMS Saiburi Chao Praya
    1993-octCN 113 PLANS Qingdao Type 052 class
    1995-nov-9TH AOR 871 HTMS Similan Similan class
    2006DZ 937 Soummam Soummam class
    2012-jul-9CN 550 PLAN Wei Fang type 054A Jiangkai II class

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