usa Todd Pacific Shipyards, San Pedro

San Pedro, California

2.5158 Bethlehem San Pedro, California
3.2 98 NS Long Beach, California
7.9315KTOA Zamperini Field, California
8.6 81 Long Beach Convention Center, California
13.9 59KLGB Long Beach, California
19.6344KHHR Hawthorne Muni / Jack Northrop Field, California

33 45 10.8 secs N - 118 16 48 secs W

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Ships built

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1943Destroyer Fletcher class
1963Guided-Missile Cruiser Leahy class
1966Guided-Missile Cruiser Belknap class
1969Frigate Knox class
1980Guided-Missile Frigate Oliver Hazard Perry class
1983Guided-Missile Frigate Oliver Hazard Perry long-hull class

1943-mar-18US DD-547 USS Cowell Fletcher class
1943-sep-12US DD-793 USS Cassin Young Fletcher class
1943-oct-31US DD-794 USS Irwin Fletcher class
1962-mar-6US CG-22 USS England Leahy class
1964-nov-21US CG-33 USS Fox Belknap class
1967-mar-25US FF-1055 USS Hepburn Knox class
1967-jul-15US FF-1058 USS Meyerkord Knox class
1968-feb-17US FF-1060 USS Lang Knox class
1968-may-11US FF-1067 USS Francis Hammond Knox class
1968-dec-7US FF-1071 USS Badger Knox class
1969-may-3US FF-1074 USS Harold E. Holt Knox class
1970-jan-24US FF-1076 USS Fanning Knox class
1978-jul-29US FFG-9 USS Wadsworth Oliver Hazard Perry class
1978-dec-16US FFG-12 USS George Philip Oliver Hazard Perry class
1979-may-19US FFG-14 USS Sides Oliver Hazard Perry class
1979-oct-20US FFG-19 USS John A. Moore Oliver Hazard Perry class
1980-mar-15US FFG-23 USS Lewis B. Puller Oliver Hazard Perry class
1980-jul-26US FFG-25 USS Copeland Oliver Hazard Perry class
1981-feb-7US FFG-27 USS Mahlon S. Tisdale Oliver Hazard Perry class
1981-jun-27US FFG-30 USS Reid Oliver Hazard Perry class
1981-oct-17US FFG-33 USS Jarrett Oliver Hazard Perry long-hull class
1982-mar-6US FFG-38 USS Curts Oliver Hazard Perry long-hull class
1982-sep-18US FFG-41 USS McClusky Oliver Hazard Perry long-hull class
1982-dec-18US FFG-43 USS Thach Oliver Hazard Perry long-hull class
1983-jul-16US FFG-46 USS Rentz Oliver Hazard Perry long-hull class
1983-nov-19US FFG-51 USS Gary Oliver Hazard Perry long-hull class
1984-jun-23US FFG-54 USS Ford Oliver Hazard Perry long-hull class
1985-feb-8US FFG-57 USS Reuben James Oliver Hazard Perry long-hull class
1986-jan-11US FFG-60 USS Rodney M. Davis Oliver Hazard Perry long-hull class
1988-jun-25US FFG-61 USS Ingraham Oliver Hazard Perry long-hull class

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