usa Fore River Shipyard

Quincy, Massachusetts


Satellite and aerial maps of Fore River Shipyard with nearby locations

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10.4164KNZW NAS South Weymouth, Massachusetts
14.1348KBOS General Edward Lawrence Logan, Massachusetts
15.831436MA BIDMC Heliport, Massachusetts
16.03300MA1 Massachusetts General Hospital Heliport, Massachusetts
16.6336 Boston Navy Yard, Massachusetts
17.4252KOWD Norwood Memorial, Massachusetts

42 14 19.75 secs N - 70 58 20.6 secs W

History of this Location

The Fore River Shipyard, more formally known as the Fore River Ship and Engine Building Company was a shipyard from 1883 until 1986. In the 1960s, the yard was purchased by General Dynamics.

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List of ships built at Fore River Shipyard

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1943Cruiser Baltimore class
1944Cruiser Cleveland class
1946Destroyer Gearing class
1946Cruiser Oregon City class
1954Destroyer Mitscher class
1955Destroyer Farragut class
1961Guided-Missile Cruiser (Nuclear Powered) Long Beach class
1962Guided-Missile Cruiser (Nuclear Powered) Bainbridge class
1968Support Ship Kilauea class
1969Support Ship Wichita class

1942-aug-26US CA-69 USS Boston Baltimore class
1943-apr-19US CA-70 USS Canberra Baltimore class
1944-mar-9US CL-66 USS Springfield Cleveland class
1944-aug-19US CL-67 USS Topeka Cleveland class
1944-nov-30US CA-74 USS Columbus Baltimore class
1944-dec-28US CL-82 USS Providence Cleveland class
1945-jun-30US CA-123 USS Albany Oregon City class
1946-mar-15US DD-853 USS Charles H Roan Gearing class
1952-jan-26US DL-4 USS Willis A. Lee Mitscher class
1952-apr-23US DL-5 USS Wilkinson Mitscher class
1959-jul-9US DL-8 USS Macdonough Farragut class
1959-jul-14US CGN-9 USS Long Beach Long Beach class
1961-apr-15US CGN-25 USS Bainbridge Bainbridge class
1967-aug-9US AE-26 USS Kilauea Kilauea class
1967-aug-9US AE-27 USS Butte Kilauea class
1968-mar-16US AOR-1 USS Wichita Wichita class
1969-jan-1US AOR-2 USS Milwaukee Wichita class
1969-jun-1US AOR-3 USS Kansas City Wichita class
1970-mar-23US AOR-4 USS Savannah Wichita class
1971-feb-6US AOR-5 USS Wabash Wichita class
1972-nov-1US AOR-6 USS Kalamazoo Wichita class

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