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Glasgow, Scotland

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0.7043EGEG New Glasgow Heliport, Scotland
0.8040 Alexander Stephen, Scotland
1.1317 King George V Dock, Scotland
1.3066GBGVA Kvaerner (Govan), Scotland
2.3078 A J Inglis, Scotland
2.4083 Yorkhill Quay, Scotland

2015 to present

55° 51' 43'' N - 4° 20' 28'' W
Elevation: 120 feet

History of this Location

Rooftop helipad at the South Glasgow University Hospitals, including the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital and the Royal Hospital for Sick Children. It opened in 2015 on the site of the former Southern General Hospital. First test landing on 26 Mar, with first landing of a Sea King on 2 Apr 2015.

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South Glasgow Hospitals News

QEUH Glasgow Hospital has 692 Landings in 3 Years, 06-Jun-18 : #helipad #hospital The Queen Elizabeth University Hospital’s (QEUH) helipad in Glasgow has seen 692 landings over the past three years by the Scottish Air Ambulance and HM Coastguard

First Helicopter On Glasgow New Hospital Helipad, 26-Mar-15 : The first helicopter test landing has taken place on the new south Glasgow hospital’s helipad by a Scottish Ambulance Service EC135 air ambulance

List of aircraft and events at South Glasgow Hospitals

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2015-mar-26 UK Air AmbulancesEC135T1G-SASB

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