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  • chile Talcahuano Naval Base

    Talcahuano, Biobío


    Satellite and aerial maps of Talcahuano with nearby locations

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    8.6184SHUE Helipuerto Dinahue, Biobío
    9.2159SCIE Concepción Carriel Sur, Biobío
    15.4164SHTL Helipuerto Torre Ligure, Biobío
    15.5159SHHC Hospital Concepción, Biobío
    59.3191SCLY La Playa, Biobío
    96.0082SCCH Chillan, Biobío

    36° 41' 38'' S - 73° 5' 54'' W
    2nm NE of Talcahuano
    Elevation: 10 feet

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    List of ships built at Talcahuano

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    1981-sep-26CL LST-91 Maipo Batral class
    1982-mar-6CL LST-92 Rancagua Batral class
    1985-jul-16CL LST-95 Chacabuco Batral class
    1987-dec-4CL AP-41 Aquiles Aquiles
    2007-jun-17CL OPV-81 Piloto Pardo Patrulleros de Zona MarItima
    2008-oct-15CL OPV-82 Comandante Policarpo Toro Patrulleros de Zona MarItima
    2014-apr-3CL OPV-83 Marinero Fuentealba Patrulleros de Zona MarItima

    List of aircraft and events at Talcahuano

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    1994-sep-11 1994-oct RN Type 22 (Batch 1) Broadsword class F91 HMS Brazen
    2016-feb-02 Armada de Chile SA365F 53

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