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  • germany Universitätsklinikum Philipps Gießen und Marburg

    Marburg, Hesse



    Satellite and aerial maps of UKH Marburg with nearby locations

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    22.7192 SaHo Alten-Buseck, Hesse
    28.4200UKGM Universitaetsklinikum Giessen R, Hesse
    28.9200JLUCS Universitaetsklinikum Giessen G, Hesse
    29.1202J1 LRZ Giessen, Hesse
    33.7207EDFL Giessen Luetzellinden, Hesse
    37.5258LDKD LDK Dillenburg, Hesse

    50° 48' 53.1'' N - 8° 48' 28.2'' E
    Hospital roof
    ICAO: IATA: Local: UKPM
    Elevation: 1250 feet

    History of this Location

    The roof top helipad (indicated by the marker) opened some time between 2010 and 2014. This supplemented an earlier ground level pad (it may yet close), c 250m to the SW (opened mid 2008), which itself replaced an original ground level pad at the east of the site.

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    List of aircraft and events at UKH Marburg

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    By Date | By Serial

    2007-mar-05 Christoph 28Christoph 28 (ADAC) EC135P2 D-HOEM
    2007-jul-08 Christoph 25Christoph 25 (ADAC) EC135P2 D-HPMM
    2008-oct-02 Christoph 23Christoph 23 (ADAC) EC135P1 D-HRET
    2008-nov-28 Christoph RheinlandADAC BK117B1 D-HBRE
    2009-may-14 Christoph HessenJohanniter Luftrettung SA365N D-HFHE
    2010-may-25 Christoph 25Christoph 25 (ADAC) EC135P2 D-HSAN
    2010-jul-05 ITH DortmundChristoph Dortmund (HSD) BK117B2 D-HJJJ
    2010-dec-10 Christoph 25Christoph 25 (ADAC) EC135P2 D-HPMM
    2010-dec-17 Christoph HessenJohanniter Luftrettung SA365C1 D-HAAK
    2011-jan-26 Christoph 7Christoph 7 (BMI) EC135T2+ D-HZSL
    2011-aug-23 Christoph 25Christoph 25 (ADAC) EC135P1 D-HKUG
    2012-mar-15 Johanniter Luftrettung SA365N D-HJUH
    2012-aug-20 Christoph HessenJohanniter Luftrettung SA365N D-HFHE
    2013-jun-14 Rhein-Main AS365N2 D-HFKG
    2015-nov-05 Christoph GiessenGiessen SA365N2 D-HFOG
    2016-apr-08 Christoph MittelhessenJohanniter Luftrettung AS365N3 D-HFSG
    2019-jun-17 Christoph GiessenJohanniter Luftrettung AS365N3 D-HFSG

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