usa USS Midway Museum

San Diego, California


Satellite and aerial maps of USS Midway Museum with nearby locations

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2.6327KSAN San Diego, California
3.4246KNZY NAS North Island, California
4.5128 NASSCO San Diego, California
5.7130 Naval Base San Diego, California
11.8 16KMYF Montgomery Field, California
17.3160KNRS NAS Imperial Beach / Ream Field, California

32 42 50 secs N - 117 10 30 secs W
Navy Pier

History of this Location

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List of aircraft and events at USS Midway Museum

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2005-may-18 ExhibitUS NavyUH-1B Iroquois60-3614
2006 ExhibitUS NavyHSS-1 / SH-34G Seabat143939
2010-nov-11 ExhibitUS NavyCH-46A150954

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