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  • usa Waterton Park Riverside

    Portland, Oregon



    Satellite and aerial maps of Waterton Park with nearby locations

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    0.123761J Portland Downtown Heliport, Oregon
    2.03567OR5 Emanuel Hospital Heliport, Oregon
    9.1037KPDX Portland International Airport, Oregon
    9.9011 Kaiser Shipbuilding, Washington
    10.6005KVUO Vancouver / Pearson Field, Washington
    21.1082KTTD Portland Troutdale, Oregon

    45° 31' 32'' N - 122° 40' 10'' W
    Between Steel and Burnside Bridges
    Elevation: 10 feet

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    List of aircraft and events at Waterton Park

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    2009-jun-04 2009-jun Fleet Week 2009USN Arleigh Burke Flight IIA class DDG-86 USS Shoup
    2009-jun-04 Fleet Week 2009USCG HH-60J 6021
    2009-jun-06 2009-jun Fleet Week 2009Canadian Armed Forces Iroquois TRUMP class DDG 283 HMCS Algonquin
    2018-jun-08 2018-jun-10 Portland Fleet Week 2018USN Arleigh Burke Flight IIA class DDG-112 USS Michael Murphy

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