The Helicopter History Website team at is working on building a public helicopter database. This is a collaborative project to present helicopter related information, where any registered visitor can add or edit an entry. Every user entry has a Name and Location of the user shown here symbol from where you can go to the user profile.

Since 1997 when went online, visitors from all around the world, many of them retired personnel, have asked about a particular unit or machine. We think with a tool like this, they could write their own histories and proudly be part of the site.

The database is organized in two main areas, countries and manufacturers. At the first one, you can find/enter the military and civilian organisations that employ rotary wing aircraft from the begining up to the present day. Once you are viewing an organisation, you can see a list of units that belong to it and a list of models that are used or were in use in the past by that organisation.

In the other area of the database, we have the manufacturers lists. In each of them we show every model and within them, you can enter/search construction numbers, serials and history of every machine.
You can read more in the Database Glossary.

Please send your comments or join our team. We are always open to new ideas for improve it! is not affiliated with any official organisation and the information we provide is presented in good faith from public domain sources. It is believed accurate by the individual contributors who enter it. We have a feedback section on the site where you can suggest amendments, or register and put them in yourself. cannot accept responsibility for the result of any action taken or not taken on the basis of the data we offer for viewing. reserves the right to moderate the entries of contributors, or to remove them completely if that entry is not connected with sharing of helicopter related knowledge consistent with the aims of the site.

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