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Established 2011, Volocopter performed the first-ever manned flight of a purely electric multicopter and has since showcased numerous public flights with its full-scale aircraft. Volocopter is also developing products for the logistics and precision agriculture space with their VoloDrone.


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Model / Versions
2013 Volocopter VC200
2019 VoloDrone

Manufacturer News

09-Jan-20 - Volocopter Received EASA Design Organisation Approval
27-Nov-19 - John Deere and Volocopter Drone for Agriculture
31-Oct-19 - Heavy-Lift VoloDrone Unveiled #VoloDrone
24-Oct-19 - Volocopter Air Taxi Testing in Singapore #UrbanAirMobility
07-Oct-19 - Multicopter First Time Tested in Rescue Operation #multicopter
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