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Formed in 1945 as Kaman Aircraft Corporation. Kaman Aerospace Corporation has diversified from a specialist helicopter manufacturer to R&D and component supplier to F-14, A-6, F-22, B-1, C-17 and V-22 programmes. Includes wing supply, reverse thrusters and other components for Boeing and the NASA Space Shuttle. Produced the famous H-43 Huskie with an impressive safety record based on synchronised, contra-rotating and interlocking rotor configuration, advanced rotor control, composite material and fabrication culiminating in the 101 rotor system used in the SH-2G Super Seasprite.
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Model / Versions
1946 K-125
1947 K-125 > K-190
1949 K-225 > Huskie
1949 HTK-1 / TH-43
1953 HOK-1 / OH-43
1954 HUK-1 / UH-43
1956 H-43 Huskie
1949 K-190 > K-225
1958 Seasprite
1958 YHU2K-1
1959 UH-2A
1960 UH-2B
1965 UH-2C
1968 HH-2D
1970 SH-2D
1971 YSH-2E
1973 SH-2F Seasprite
1985 SH-2G
1962 Huskie > K-1125
1991 K-MAX


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    09-Sep-19 - Swiss Rotex Orders its Fifth K-MAX #HeavyLift
    28-Aug-19 - Kaman Completes Sale of Distribution Segment #Kaman
    18-Jul-19 - Kaman Opens New Customer Service Center #Kaman
    17-Jul-19 - Kaman is Rolls-Royce’ “Best New Supplier 2018” #supplier
    27-Jun-19 - Kaman Sales Distribution Segment for $700M Cash #Kaman
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