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Model / Versions
SNIA Alouette II > cheetah
cheetah > lancer
1969SNIA Alouette III > chetak
2005 chetan
1992 Dhruv
2007 ALH Rudra
2010 Dhruv > Light Combat Helicopter (LCH)
2016 Light Utility Helicopter (LUH)
2020 Indian Multi Role Helicopter (IMRH)


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    09-Jan-20 - Metal 3D Parts Printing in India #Metal3DPrinting
    26-Nov-19 - HAL Partners with Aviation University RGNAU RGNAU
    07-Sep-19 - HAL LUH in High Weather Tests at Himalayas #Himalayas
    25-Jul-19 - HAL Delivers Upgraded Chetak to Indian Navy
    25-Feb-19 - HAL New Plant at Tumakuru for IMRH #infrastructure
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