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Model / Versions
1979B-V CH-47 Chinook > 414 - H-47D Chinook
1977 YCH-47D
1979 CH-47D Chinook
1984 MH-47D Chinook
1988 MH-47E Chinook
1999 CH-47SD Chinook
2010 Chinook HC.4
1991Mc.D.D ah-64 apache > AH-64D Apache
1997MDh MD500 > H-6
2001 414 - H-47D Chinook > CH-47F Chinook
2004 MH-47G Chinook
2006 HH-47H Chinook
2012 CH-147F Chinook
2002 A160 Hummingbird
2011 AH-64D Apache > AH-64E Apache
2017AW AW139 > MH-139


  • US Boeing Helicopters

  • Manufacturer News

    31-Jan-18 - USMC MV-22 Ospreys CC-RAM Program
    10-Jan-18 - Boeing Unveils New Cargo UAV Prototype
    14-Dec-17 - Six Dutch CH-47D Chinooks to be Upgraded to F
    14-Nov-17 - 400,000 Flight Hours for V-22 Osprey Fleet
    08-Nov-17 - Aurora Flight Sciences Became a Boeing Company
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    Latest News

    Fly Blade Completes Financing. Partners with Airbus

    Finnish NH90 in Northern Griffin 18 Exercise

    Drallim Now a DART Aerospace Repair Facilily

    Elbit Receives Approval to Acquire Universal Avionics

    Wiltshire Air Ambulance Lands at Semington

    Spanish Special Forces Prepare for Iraq Deployment

    RUAG Gets EASA Approval for Night Vision Systems

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