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Model / Versions
1979B-V CH-47 Chinook > 414 - H-47D Chinook
1977 YCH-47D
1979 CH-47D Chinook
1984 MH-47D Chinook
1988 MH-47E Chinook
1999 CH-47SD Chinook
2010 Chinook HC.4
1991Mc.D.D AH-64A Apache > AH-64D Apache
1997MDh MD500 > H-6
2001 414 - H-47D Chinook > CH-47F Chinook
2004 MH-47G Chinook
2006 HH-47H Chinook
2012 CH-147F Chinook
2019 Future H-47 Chinook
2002 A160 Hummingbird
2011 AH-64D Apache > AH-64E Apache
2017AW AW139 > MH-139


  • US Boeing Helicopters
  • US Aviall

  • Manufacturer News

    11-Jul-18 - Four More Special Ops MH-47G for US Army #aircraft
    27-Jun-18 - First Chinook Block II Moves to Final Assembly #aircraft
    26-Apr-18 - T700 Engines Distribution by Boeing’ Aviall
    25-Apr-18 - Boeing Announced German Team for H-47 Chinook
    25-Apr-18 - Rohde & Schwarz Radios for H-47 Chinook
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    Latest News

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    CAE Joins Chinook Team for German Competition

    AeroStretcher Gets EASA STC for H135 / EC135

    First Flight of Second Marineflieger Sea Lion

    First H160 Fuselage in Airbus Albacete

    NYC Environmental Protection Police New AW119Kx

    UK SAR New Coastguard Facility Opens at Lydd

    New Type Certificate for MD530F Glass Cockpit

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