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    Previously known as




    Established 1939 by the three Schweizer brothers, the Schweizer Aircraft Corp started building helicopters in 1983 with the acquisition of the Hughes 269 license from Hughes (about to became part of McDonnell Douglas).

    In 2004 Schweizer was acquired by Sikorsky and became diversified aerospace company until 2012 when helicopter production ended and rest of operations were merged into the group.

    In January 2018, Schweizer RSG (part of Rotorcraft Services Group) acquired the light helicopter line from Sikorsky. The S300C, S300CBi, and S333 will be manufactured in Fort Worth, Texas. At the time, around 2,900 aircraft were in service worldwide.

    In 2021, Schweizer RSG delivered the first S-300C from the new production line to a a customer in Senegal and the first S-300CBi to distributor Oceania Aviation


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    Model / Versions
    1983Hughes 269 > 269C / 300
    1983 300C
    1993 300CB
    1995 300CBi (269C-1)
    1987 269C / 300 > 330 (269D)
    1989 333 (269D-A)


  • CA Rilpa Enterprises Ltd
  • NZ Oceania Aviation Ltd

  • Manufacturer News

    30-Aug-21 - First Schweizer RSG Helicopter Goes to Senegal #Schweizer
    26-Aug-21 - First S-300CBi Produced by Schweizer RSG #Schweizer
    09-Mar-19 - Oceania Aviation to Sell Again Schweizer from 2020 #Schweizer
    07-Mar-19 - Schweizer First Sale Since Purchase from Sikorsky #Schweizer
    25-May-18 - Oceania Aviation Named Schweizer Service Centre and Distributor #service

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