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McDonnell Douglas

MD Helicopters


On February 19, 1999 Boeing sold Mc Donnell Douglas commercial helicopters line to Dutch company RDM. MD Helicopters Inc is formed. The models involved are the MD 500E and MD 530F single-engine helicopters with conventional tail rotors, the MD 520N and MD 600N single-engine NOTAR helicopters and the MD Explorer series of twin-engine, eight-place helicopters.


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Model / Versions
1999Mc.D.D md500 > MD500
1999 MD500E
1999 MD530F
2014 MD530G
2014 MD540A
2017 MD6XX
2019Mc.D.D MD900 Explorer > MD969 Combat Explorer


  • US MD Helicopters

  • Representatives

  • ZA Starlite Helicopters
  • HK Lectern Aviation Supplies Co Ltd
  • RU Heliatica
  • US PAC International
  • UK Eastern Atlantic Helicopters
  • CA Rilpa Enterprises Ltd
  • RP Asian Aerospace

  • Manufacturer News

    17-Sep-19 - Training for the Six Kenyan MD530F Cayuse Warrior #CauseWarrior
    29-Aug-19 - MDHI $50M Contract to Support Afghans MD530F #MD530F
    15-Jul-19 - MD530F Demo Flights at APSCON 2019 #APSCON2019
    08-Jul-19 - MD530F Trainer for the Slovak Training Academy #FlightTraining
    17-Apr-19 - Common Launch Tube (CLT) for MD969 #MD969
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