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Enstrom history

Founded December 22, 1959 by Rudy Enstrom, Enstrom Helicopter Corporation manufactures a complete line of helicopters. The three-seat, piston-powered F28F and 280FX are popular training, sport, and light commercial aircraft. The larger turbine-powered 480B is available as a three-place advanced trainer and patrol aircraft, or as a three to five place executive transport. For law enforcement applications Enstrom produces a specialized variant of the 480B, known as the Guardian, and the F28F, called the Sentinel.

Enstrom Helicopter Corp declared Bankruptcy and closed in January 2021.

In 2022 Surack purchased the company and relaunch 480 production line.

helicopter   List of Enstrom models

Model / Versions
1960 f-28
1967 F-28A
1976 F-28C
1981 F-28F
1975 280
1975 280C Shark
1980 280F
1985 280FX
2014 TH-180
1989 280

2001 480B
2010 TH-480B
2014 480B-G

  Enstrom news

Opening of New Enstrom Repair Station

Opening of New Enstrom Repair Station

12-Feb-24 - Enstrom is celebrating the opening of its new Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approved repair station within its factory in Menominee, Michigan #Enstrom
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