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U.S. Cambodia Medevac Training Angkor Sentinel 2015, 17-Mar-15 : Members of the US Army 18th Medical Command Group conducted a four-day, medical first responder exercise for soldiers from the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces, March 11, 2015

Derivatives & Versions

AVIC AC312E 2010 Civilian varant of the Harbin Z-9, a licensed Eurocopter AS365
Z-19 2011 The Z-19, or WZ-19, is a twin-engine, tandem twin-seat reconnaissance/attack helicopter featuring a fenestron tail rotor borrowed from the Z-9, ...

List of Operators of Harbin Z-9

From Organisation with model Z-9
mali Armée de l'air du Mali
pakistan Pakistan Navy
kenya Kenya Air Force
cambodia Kangtrop Akas Khemarak Phumin
bolivia Ejercito de Bolivia
    6 2014/   
ghana ghana air force
    4 2015/   
Construction Numbers on database of Z-9 or its versions


Construction Numbers

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C/NBuilt asYearHistory
Z9-0185 ML TZ-394 : Mali Z-9A from Dec00
Z9-0199 MR 5T-MAM : Mauritanian air force /AM
Z9-0235 MR 5T-MAN : Mauritanian air force /AN
Z9-0280 CN 9317 : PLAN Z-9C type; pictured at Rotterdam Harbour aboard Y+
Z9-0590 CN 9806 : pictured (pic1) aboard PLANS Yancheng (546) during ent+
pictured (pic2) in Auckland Harbour aboard PLANS Yanch+
Z9-0601 NA H 701 : H425 type; Namibia from Apr12
Z9-0690 GH GHF630 : Z-9EH, del GAF Sep 2015
Z9-0691 GH GHF631 : Z-9EH, del GAF Sep 2015
Z9-0692 GH GHF632 : Z-9EH, del GAF Sep 2015
Z9-0693 GH GHF633 : Z-9EH, del GAF Sep 2015
BO EB-101 : Harbin H425 d/d Sep14
KH MH-904 : Z-9-H425 type; Royal Cambodian Air Force; w/o 14jul14 c+
KH MH-909 : Royal Cambodian Air Force
KH MH-910 : Royal Cambodian Air Force
KH MH-911 : Royal Cambodian Air Force
KH MH-912 : Royal Cambodian Air Force
ML TZ-393 : Mali Z-9A; w/o 10sep01
17 C/N.