Bell 222

Bell 222B



Bell 222B

Uses the more powerful Honeywell (formerly Lycoming) LTS-101-750Cs and a larger main rotor

List of Operators of Bell 222B

From Organisation with model 222B
germany HSD Luftrettung
    222 5 1987/08
hong kong Sky Shuttle Helicopters
    222 3 1988/97
denmark Air Alpha Greenland
    222 8 1994/06
south africa Henley Air
    222 2012/   

usa Mercy Air
Construction Numbers on database of 222B


Construction Numbers

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47131 US N2226W : Bell 222B cn47131, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N2226W+
JP JA9645 : del Japan as JA9645, unk
DE D-HRIC : xfer Germany as D-HRIC, unk
PT CS-MHD : xfer Portugal as CS-MHD, unk
US N8159Z : xfer US as N8159Z, unk
US N306CH : xfer Central Helicopters as N306CH, unk; w/o when crash+
47132 2004 ZA ZS-HMD : del South Africa as ZS-HMD, unk
US N660DD : xfer US as N660DD, unk; suffered minor accident ivo Chi+
ZA ZS-HMD : xfer South Africa as ZS-HMD, unk
US N222LB : xfer US as N222LB, unk; [Note: Used in the filming of m+
DK OY-HIG : Air Alpha Greenland 2004-2006
DK OY-HIG : Air Alpha 2006-2008
FJ DQ-AAA : xfer Fiji Islands as DQ-AAA, unk
NO LN-ODW : xfer Norway as LN-ODW, unk
47133 1983 KR HL9224 : to N38CC
CL CC-PYE : ex N38CC, to N7040Z
JP JA9945 : lsd from N7040Z ?
US N510W : from 2002; 21mar10 pictured at Blackbushe, UK. Also vis+
47134 US N7139K : Bell 222B cn 47134, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N3179+
US N911UC : xfer US as N911UC, unk
US N406MA : xfer Mercy Air as N406MA, unk
47135 US N3177D : Bell 222B cn 47135, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N3177+
US N67WT : xfer US as N67WT, unk
US N408MA : xfer Mercy Air as N408MA, unk; wfu & b/u 21Oct10.
47136 NG 5N-AQQ : Bell 222B cn 47136, ff:? del Nigeria as 5N-AQQ, unk
US N3205T : xfer US as N3205T, unk
47137 NG 5N-AQR : Bell 222B cn47137, ff:?; del Nigeria as 5N-AQR, unk; re+
47138 US N153CD : Bell 222B cn47138, ff:?; del US as N153CD, unk
JP JA9228 : xfer Japan as JA9928, unk
US N153CD : xfer US as N153CD, unk
US N153H : reg US as N153H, unk
47139 1983 US N878TX : Bell 222B cn47139, ff:?; del US as N878TX, unk
US N91GC : xfer US as N91GC, unk
DE D-HHSM : Hubschrauber-Sonder-Dienst 1987-Jun08
13oct95 HSD visit Antwerp
US N2XK : Premier Rotors Llc from 2008
47140 US N3184A : Bell 222B cn47140, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N3184A+
US N550TX : xfer US as N550TX, unk
JP JA9946 : xfer Japan as JA9946, unk
DE D-HTIB : xfer Germany as D-HTIB, unk
US N22ND : xfer US as N22ND, unk
US N411MH : xfer US as N411MH, unk
CD 9Q-CGF : xfer Congo as 9Q-CGF, unk
47141 US N3187H : Bell 222B cn47141, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N3187H+
US N58RC : xfer US as N58RC, unk
US N309CH : xfer US as N309CH, unk
47142 1983 US N31904 : Bell 222B cn47142, ff:?; del US as N31904, unk
US N811CE : xfer US as N811CE, unk
DE D-HNIC : Hubschrauber Sonder Dienst 1987-jun08
US N4VE : Premier Rotors from 2008
47143 1985 US N3192K : Bell 222B cn47143, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N3192K+
US N75WA : xfer US as N75WA, unk
PT CS-MHE : xfer Portugal as CS-MHE, unk
US N4343H : xfer US as N4343H, unk
US N56RD : xfer US as N56RD, unk
US N308CH : Central Helicopter Service, Houston, TX from 2005
VE YV507T : Venezuela, reg 31nov11, ex N308CH; pictured Sep12
47144 US N338K : Bell 222B cn47144, ff:?; xfer US as N338K, unk
JP JA9687 : xfer Royal Airline Co, Japan as JA9687, unk; Crashed in+
47145 US N80Q : Bell 222B cn47145, ff:?; del US as N80Q, unk
US N492CK : xfer US as N492CK, unk
US N8WU : xfer US as N8WU, unk
47146 US N3199D : Bell 222B cn47146, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N3199D+
US N225DJ : xfer US as N225DJ, unk
US N228DJ : xfer US as N228DJ, unk
JP JA9918 : xfer Japan as JA9918, unk
US N21526 : xfer US as N21526, unk
US N864CE : xfer US as N864CE, unk
US N865CE : reg as N865CE, unk
US N222GJ : reg US as N222GJ, [ntu]
CA C-FFUN : xfer Canada as C-FFUN, unk
47147 US N110AL : Bell 222B cn47147, ff:?; del US as N110AL, unk
US N110AE : xfer US as N110AE, unk
JP JA9901 : xfer Japan as JA9901, unk
US N222EA : xfer US as N222EA, unk
NZ ZK-HZQ : xfer Westpac Trust Air Ambulance as ZK-HZQ, unk
47148 1986 US N102DD : to N749SD
US N749SD : Cbs Aircraft Leasing Llc at Chelsea, AL from Oct04; Jun+
47149 US N3263D : Bell 222B cn47149, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N3263D+
CH HB-XKB : xfer Tui Air as HB-XKB, 30Mar87; dbr & w/o near Villige+
47150 JP JA9658 : Bell 222B cn47150, ff:?; del Japan as JA9658, unk
US N753JC : xfer US as N753JC, unk
US N911RA : xfer Rogers Helicopters as N911RA, unk; crash landed ha+
47151 JP JA9663 : Bell 222B cn47151, ff:?; del Japan as JA9663, unk
US N10KB : xfer US as N10KB, unk
US N51Q : xfer US as N51Q unk
47152 ZA ZS-HVR : Henley Air, noted 2005-2006
US N700EF : Fl Aviation Group Inc at Ft Lauderdale, FL Aug06-Apr09
VE YV2715 : Venezuela from 2009
30mar11 at Aruba
08jul17 at Bimini
47153 1985 JP JA9668 : Bell 222B cn47153, ff:?; del Japan as JA9668, unk
DE D-HTIM : Hubschrauber Sonder Dienst 1987-jun08
US N9ZS : Premier Rotors from 2008
47154 US N32064 : Bell 222B cn47154, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N32064+
JP JA9691 : xfer Japan as JA9691, unk
DE D-HELB : xfer Germany as D-HELB, unk
NO LN-OEI : xfer Norway as LN-OEI, unk
47155 1988 ZA ZS-HTB : South Africa, canc may88
ZA ZS-HDF : Sasol South Africa, to DQ-AAF
FJ DQ-AAF : Fiji Islands, rtn to ZS-HDF
ZA ZS-HDF : Sasol, noted May00
US N222HJ : Wells Fargo Bank from Dec07, Canada ntu
US N168SM : Heli Air Bell Group Inc at Wilmington, DE Feb09-Jul14
16nov13 pictured at Villa General Belgrano, Cordoba, Ar+
AR LV-CKJ : Argentina from 2014
47156 US N3216W : Bell 222B cn47156, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N3216W+
JP JA9944 : xfer Japan as JA9944, unk
HK CS-HMB : Sky Shuttle; ex N3216W; wfu 1997
PT CS-MHB : reg Portugal as CS-MHB, unk
26 C/N.

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