Schiebel Camcopter S-100

UAVs 2005

Schiebel Camcopter S-100

Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) using a rotorcraft design.

Model News

MDA Orders Camcopter for Undisclosed Customer, 01-Mar-18 : An unknown number of Schiebel’s Camcopter S-100 Unmanned Air Systems (UAS) were commissioned by MDA to fulfill a contract with an undisclosed international customer

Camcopter S-100 in Search for Fugitive, 23-Jan-18 : The Schiebel’s CAMCOPTER S-100 drone took part of an ongoing homicide investigation in Stiwoll, Austria in late 2017

Camcopter S-100 Second User Conference, 25-Oct-17 : Schiebel held the second international Camcopter S-100 User Conference in Vienna, Austria October 17-19

Camcopter S-100 Qualification Flights on Dixmude, 21-Jun-17 : Schiebel’s Camcopter S-100 drone successfully completed qualification flights for the French Navy aboard Mistal class assault carrier Dixmude in the Western Mediterranean

Camcopter Completes Flight Trials in Norway, 23-May-17 : Schiebel CAMCOPTER S-100 Unmanned Air System (UAS) was presented to the Norwegian Coastguard, Navy, Air Force and other authorities during demanding trials at Andøya Test Center (ATC)

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List of Operators of Schiebel Camcopter S-100

From Organisation with model Camcopter S-100
austria Schiebel
united arab emirates united arab emirates air force
    40 2008/   
jordan al quwwat al-jawwiya al-malakiya al-urduniya
    2 2010/   
china People's Liberation Army Navy
italy Marina Militare Italiana
australia Fleet Air Arm (RAN)
Construction Numbers on database of Camcopter S-100 or its versions

8Camcopter S-100

Construction Numbers

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C/NBuilt asYearHistory
231 IT ? : Italian Navy 5-01
250 AT OE-VXX : schiebel; 2008 pictured on static display at Farnboroug+
AT OE-VXX : Feb16 on display at the Technical Museum in Vienna
276 IT ? : Italian Navy 5-02
? : Libya rebel group; w/o 15jan15 shot down by gov forces +
AT OE-VXV : schiebel
AT OE-VXW : schiebel; pictured at ILA 2006
AT OE-VXY : schiebel
AT OE-YAD : Dec15 with AIRICA (ATM Innovative RPAS Integration for +
8 C/N.

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