Sikorsky S-59 XH-39

Derived from S-52 H-18 HO5S


Sikorsky S-59 XH-39

US Army's first turbine-powered helicopter, developed from the S-52. Rejected in favor of the Bell 204 (UH-1 Iroquois)

List of Operators of Sikorsky S-59 XH-39

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Construction Numbers

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C/NBuilt asYearHistory
52-004 S-52-2 1950 US N74150 : S-52-2 Sikorsky S-52-2, c/n 52-004, ff:?; reg Sikorsky as S-52+
S-52-3 modified to S-52-3, N74150, unk.
modified into S-59 prototype, 1954; static display at W+
52-007 YH-18 1951 US 49-2890 : YH-18 Sikorsky S-52-2, c/n 52-007, ff:?; acc 29Mar51; del US +
modified to S-52-5, YH-18B configuration, unk; modified+
26aug54 XH-39 set a world speed record for a helicopter+
52-008 YH-18 1951 US 49-2891 : YH-18 Sikorsky S-52-2, c/n 52-008, ff:?; acc 17Apr51; del US +
modified to S-59/XH-39A prototype, c/n 59-002, 49-2891,+
rtnd to YH-18A configuration, unk.
US N7741 : S-52-2 wfu & reg US as S-52-2, N7741, unk.
3 C/N.

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