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    Lynx HMA8 (SRU)


    SRU = SATURN. Second-generation Anti-jam Tactical UHF Radio used by NATO Radio Upgrade. All surving DAS aircraft were modified and included SIFF (Upgraded IFF). Later the aircraft were part of a Combined Mods Programme which gave them improved communications and defensive systems. As this went on the HMA.8(SRU) helicopters modified were known as HMA8(CMP) until the last one was finished and then they were then all known as HMA8(SRU) aircraft again.

    List of Operators of AgustaWestland Lynx HMA8 (SRU)

    From Organisation with model Lynx HMA8 (SRU)

    Construction Numbers

    Help Us

    113 1979 UK XZ690
    117 1979 UK XZ691
    185 1980 UK XZ723
    190 1980 UK XZ725
    195 1980 UK XZ726
    295 1983 UK ZD261,-
    316 1985 UK ZD565
    7 C/N.