List of Operators of Kawasaki Heavy Industries BK117A-4

From Organisation with model BK117A-4

new zealand New Zealand Rescue Helicopters
taiwan Sunrise Airlines

Construction Numbers on database of BK117A-4


Construction Numbers

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1015 JP JA9674 : to ZK-HVQ
NZ ZK-HVQ : New Zealand, noted Jan02 Australia
TW B-77099 : Taiwan Sunrise Airlines, conv 117B-2 type
1016 JP JA9699 : Japan, to ZK-HYO
NZ ZK-HYO : Helipro NZ; 2012 with Helipro fiji as HEMS; canc
? : 17may15 under receivership, aircraft still in Fiji, cur+
1017 JP JA9696 : Japan, to ZK-HLN
NZ ZK-HLN : Auckland Rescue Helicopters Trust (ARHT), B2 type; 22ma+
1021 JP JA9908 : Japan, to ZK-HLU
NZ ZK-HLU : bk117b-2 New Zealand, type:B-2 Mar95 - Feb02 to P2-HBL
PG P2-HBL : Heli Niugini type:B-2
1022 JP JA9922 : Japan, to ZK-HHV
NZ ZK-HHV : HeliLink NZ, B2 type
NZ ZK-HHV : BK117-850D2 Airwork NZ, conv to 850D2 type; to 5Y-EXH
KE 5Y-EXH : Kenia, to P2-HBM
PG P2-HBM : Heli Niugini Papua New Guinea, ex 5Y-EXH
1023 JP JA9921 : SE-JBZ ntu, to N80927
US N80927 : Mansfield Heliflight Inc at South Burlington, VT Mar95+
1024 JP JA9923 : to ZK-HNB
NZ ZK-HNB : North Shore Helicopters, NZ from Apr96
NZ ZK-HNB : Airwork NZ from Jul13
1025 KR HL9243 : Aero Peace, South Korea, B1 type by 2017
1029 1989 JP JA9958 : Japan, to ZH-HIU
NZ ZK-HIU : Vulcan Helicopters Oct93 - Jul02 to VH-BKG
AU VH-BKG : bk117b-2 AR&C (Aeronautical Resources and Consultancy) type B-2
9 C/N.

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