Mil Mi-14 Haze

Mi-14PS Haze-C

Search and rescue version equipped with hoist

List of Operators of Mil Mi-14PS Haze-C

From Organisation with model Mi-14PS Haze-C
poland Marynarka Wojenna
    Mi-14 Haze 12 1980/   

Construction Numbers on database of Mi-14PS Haze-C


Construction Numbers

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A1013 PL 1013 : Navy, 29 Eskadra MW; Apr01 pictured at Darlowo
LY LC1417 : Libyan Air Force; w/o 22apr16 exploded upon landing at +
RU RF-24737 : Rosto; w/o 11may06 video engine failure during #SAR e+
3 C/N.