Westland scout


Derived from Saunders Roe skeeter


Westland scout

Developed from the SARO P.531, Westland built two more P.531/2 prototypes at Eastleigh with double the engine power (one with a 1050shp Bristol Siddeley Nimbus engine derated to 635shp and the other with a de Havilland Gnome H.1000 turbine derated to 685shp) plus other changes, including a skid undercarriage. A 5 seat general purpose light helicopter, the Scout had two front seats and a three-seat rear bench; in the casevac role it carried two stretchers internally and two externally in panniers. Skid landing gear was standard. The Scout was suited to all the tasks of a lightweight helicopter: observation, liaison, training, SAR. As well as the British Army, export orders were also received for the Royal Australian Navy (2), Royal Jordanian Air Force (3), Uganda Police (2) and Bahrain Police (2). About 150 Scouts were built (first 8 or so at Eastleigh, rest at Hayes) by the Spring of 1968.


Engine: 1 x RR Nimbus 102 685shp
Capacity: 2 + 3
Length: (m) 9.24
Height: (m) 2.72
Blades: 4
Rotor diam.: (m) 9.83
Disc area: (m2) 75.89
Weight: (kgs) Empty: 1465     Max: 2405
Speed: (km/h) Cruise: 196     Max: 211
Range: (km) 510
Ceiling: (m) 4085
Rate/Climb: (m/min) 183


Scout AH.1 1961


From Organisation with model scout
united kingdom Army Air Corps
    150 1961/94
australia Fleet Air Arm (RAN)
    2 1962/73
bahrain bahrain public security force
    2 1965/81
uganda uganda police air wing
    2 1966/69
united kingdom Royal Marines
    9 1970/82
south africa Suid-Afrikaanse Lugmag
    1 1978/90
Construction Numbers on database of scout or its versions


Construction Numbers Help Us

C/NBuilt asYearHistory
f.9472 ah.1 1961 UK XP846 : AAC Westland Scout AH.1
AAC f/f 20oct61, first production Fairey (Westland) Sco+
f.9473 ah.1 1962 UK XP847 : AAC Westland Scout AH.1
AAC; preserved at Museum of Army Flying, Middle Wallop
f.9474 1962 UK XP848 : AAC Scout AH.1 d/d 09jun62, pres on Gate SEAE Arborfie+
XP848 : sep15 to FAST Museum, Farnborough
f.9475 ah.1 1962 UK XP849 : AAC Westland Scout AH.1
UK XP849 : AAC in 1990 ETPS
UK XP849 : w/o 03apr97 heavy landing at Netheravon during autorota+
F.9476 ah.1 UK XP850 : AAC Westland Scout AH.1
f.9477 ah.1 UK XP851 : AAC Westland Scout AH.1
f.9478 ah.1 UK XP852 : AAC Westland Scout AH.1
f.9479 ah.1 UK XP853 : AAC Westland Scout AH.1
preserved in static condition at Sutton Surrey by Dec16
f.9480 ah.1 1962 UK XP854 : AAC Scout AH.1 d/d 29jan63, w/o 23mar65
Unk to 7898M, to TAD043, to Abridge, Essex; to Bedford +
f.9485 ah.1 UK XP884 : Scout AH.1 d/d 06feb63; AAC Historic Flight
f.9490 1962 AU WS101 : delivered to RAN as WS101.; c/n unconfirmed as also bel+
AU N8-101 : reserialled N8-101, with 723 Sq as /891.
flew at Nowra Air Show 1984 as /891 and was damaged at +
AU VH-NVW : registered VH-NVW on 2 Jun 1999. Preserved at FAAM, Now+
f.9494 ah.1 UK XP893 : 3CBAS / S, displayed aboard HMS Fearless at Plymouth Na+
Royal Marines; 06jan80 3CBAS /S on route
f.9502 ah.1 UK XP901 : Royal Marines; jan78 3CBAS
f.9503 ah.1 UK XP902 : Royal Marines; jan78 3CBAS
06jan80 3CBAS /T on route
f.9508 ah.1 1963 UK XP907 : Royal Marines; 06jan80 3CBAS /U on route; toward G-SROE
UK XP907 : 657Sq (ex 3CBAS /U) landed on mv Astronomer in Plymouth+
UK G-SROE : ex XP907
f.9509 ah.1 UK XP908 : AAC Scout AH.1
Displayed at Farnborough Airshow 1968
f.9511 ah.1 1963 UK XP910 : AAC d/d 06dec63; w/o 13sep89; Museum of Army Flying
f.9517 ah.1 1964 UK XR595 : AAC Scout AH.1 27sep95 to G-BWHU
UK G-BWHU : Private owner
f.9519 ah.1 UK XR597 : 1964/66 Scout 597 was one of 6 that took part in the Bo+
preserved Hermeskeil Air Museum, Germany
f.9523 ah.1 1964 UK XR601 : w/o 26 Aug 1979 after tail rotor severed by main rotor +
G.I. SEAE Arborfield until Sep 2009
To Whittington Barracks as Gate Guard 10 Sep 2009, gone+
f.9527 ah.1 1964 UK XR627 : Royal Marines; 06jan80 3CBAS /Q on route
f.9529 ah.1 1964 UK XR629 : d/d 29/04/1964, 8 Flt/C by Jul 1969
657Sq landed on mv Astronomer in Plymouth Sound 7 Jun 1+
f.9535 ah.1 1965 UK XR635 : AAC d/d 08feb65; i/a at Midland Air Museum
XR635 : to Coventry University date unk; Sep12 to The Midland A+
under restoration at Midland Air Museum. Still present +
f.9536 ah.1 1965 UK XR636 : crashed during a roulement detachment to Northern Irela+
f.9537 ah.1 UK XR637 : AAC Scout AH.1
f.9617 1965 UG 5X-UUW : ex G-17-1, delivered to Police Air Wing 1966. wfu 1969.+
f.9618 1965 UG 5X-UUX : ex G-17-2, delivered to Police Air Wing 1966. wfu 1969.+
UK G-BKLJ j.wilkie, morecambe, uk : ex 5X-UUX, to UK Jul 1983. Broken up Jan 1991, some par+
f.9619 1965 BH BSP-1 : ex G-17-2 and dd Jun 1965 to Bahrain State Police (as i+
ZA GT : ex Bahrain Public Security Force BSP-1 following accide+
Preserved at SAAF Museum, Port Elizabeth by 2008
f.9632 ah.1 UK XT626 : Scout AH.1 XT626 / Q with 666 Squadron Army Air Corps b+
AAC Historic Flight
f.9635 ah.1 UK XT629 : Royal Marines; jan78 3CBAS
06jan80 3CBAS /R on route
f.9636 ah.1 1966 UK XT630 : AAC d/d 02may66
UK G-BXRL : Rodney Coplestone Jan/Jul 1998
Raffia Enterprises Ltd from Jul98; w/o 16oct99; canc Ma+
preserved Bruntingthorpe, noted Jul06
24aug14 pictured preserved on external display at Brunt+
Apr17 on sale on eBay
Mr J and DJ Baddeley private collectors from Jun17
f.9643 ah.1 1966 UK XT637 : dd Aug 1966. Scrapped Yeovilton 1994
visited Seaton Barracks 10 Jun 1967
f.9655 ah.1 1966 UK XT649 : dd Dec 1966 to AAC. 655 Sq/Y by Jul 1972. Sold, to New +
NZ ZK-HUK : to ZK-HUK, w/o 12 Mar 2003
f.9698 ah.1 UK XV123 : AAC; Jan13 preserved
f.9699 ah.1 UK XV124 : AAC Scout AH.1; noted AAC Hildesheim EDVM 17jun80
f.9702 ah.1 1967 UK XV127 : 655 Sq/T by Jul 1972
AAC; preserved at Museum of Army Flying, Middle Wallop
f.9704 ah.1 UK XV129 : AAC; to civ ZK-HVD
NZ ZK-HVD : Heli-Logging NZ, noted 2001
26mar15 Stratford, Taranaki, Zealand North Island
f.9711 ah.1 UK XV136 : AAC type:Scout AH.1
deployed to Northern Ireland by Nov 1976
Northern Ireland nov76
AAC noted at Hildesheim EDVM 17jun80
Jul05 Gate Guard Netheravon
XV136 : Feb14 On loan to Ulster Aviation Society
03mar14 pictured undergoing restoration to static displ+
f.9712 ah.1 UK XV137 : AAC Scout AH.1 17mar98 to G-CRUM
Noted at AAC Hildesheim, Germany 17jun80
UK G-CRUM : Many owners until Current jun16 in Bishop Waltham area,+
f.9716 ah.1 UK XV141 : 657Sq landed on mv Astronomer in Plymouth Sound 7 Jun 1+
f.9735 ah.1 1969 UK XW280 : ff 9 May 1969
D and TS Middle Wallop, noted visited Fremlington Camp +
scrapped Sek Kong Nov 1993
f.9744 ah.1 UK XW616 : Royal Marines; 06jan80 3CBAS /P on route
f.9759 ah.1 1972 UK XW796 : 660Sq/H by May 1984
XW796 Privately owned : Privately owned, Sproughton
UK XW796 : Gunsmoke Paintball Hadliegh Suffolk by Mar 2014
f.9797 ah.1 UK XV132 : AAC Scout AH.1 - correct c/n is f.9707
01jun74 noted at Bessbrook, N.I coded P - photo - www+
w/o 10apr78
S2/8437 ah.1 1960 UK XP165 : ff 29 Aug 1960. To Fairey at White Waltham as a develop+
XP165 : to Historic Aircraft Museum, Southend in Jul 1975, unti+
UK XP165 : 24aug11 pictured at The Helicopter Museum, Weston-Super+
S2/8438 ah.1 UK XP167 : AAC Westland Scout AH.1
S2/8440 ah.1 UK XP188 : AAC Westland Scout AH.1
S2/8441 ah.1 UK XP189 : AAC Westland Scout AH.1
S2/8443 ah.1 UK XP190 : AAC Westland Scout AH.1
S2/8446 ah.1 1961 UK XP191 : AAC Scout AH.1 f/f 19Jan61, d/d 01May61
UK XP191 : Westland, returned for loan to RAE at Bedford for Rotor+
UK XP191 : AAC noted in storage at Wroughton 21Oct78 fitted with L+
S2/8447 ah.1 UK XP192 : AAC Westland Scout AH.1
51 C/N.

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