Eurocopter CH-53G




Initially known as the CH-53GSX and ordered to support the Afghanistan deployment. Includes further avionics updates and dust filters

Model News

Esterline Avionics for Luftwaffe CH-53GS/GE, 19-Jun-17 : Paris Air Show 2017 Esterline to supply Airbus its CMC Electronics brand Integrated Helicopter Solution for the upgrade of the German Air Force’s CH-53GS/GE


From Organisation with model CH-53GE

Construction Numbers Help Us

V65-012 1972 DE 84+14 : CH-53G HEER; 1999 HFWS; 2003 HFWS; 2004 HFWS
16-20may06 HFWS Berlin air show
10sep06 HFVS910 Tag der Heeresflieger
2011 MTHR15; jul11 MTHR15
V65-024 DE 84+26 : CH-53G HEER; 1994 HFR25; Sep94 HFR35; 2000 HFR35
2008 MTHR15; jul11 MTHR15
V65-051 DE 84+53 : CH-53G HEER in 1994 HFR25 ; 2003 HFR25
2009 MTHR25
V65-080 DE 84+82 : CH-53G VFW-Fokker CH-53G c/n V65-080, ff?; del Heeresgeflieger+
HEER; 16-20may06 MTHR15 Berlin air show
2011 MTHR25
31dec12 toward Luftwaffe
DE 84+82 : Luftwaffe; 2013 HSG64
V65-090 DE 84+92 : CH-53G HEER; 1994 HFR25; Sep94 HFR35
crashed at airbase Mendig in feb2000. 2 deads.
HEER; Jan08 MTHR25 tdy Alpnach + 1 extra serial unknown
HEER; 2008 MTHR25
2009 MTHR25; jul11 MTHR15
DE 84+92 : Luftwaffe; 2013 CH-53GE type HSG64 Bentlage
V65-094 DE 84+96 : CH-53G HEER in 1994 HFR25 ; 2003 HFR25
upgrade to CH53GE
DE 84+96 : CH-53GA Luftwaffe; 2015 HSG64, ch-53ga type
6 C/N.

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