Wagner Skytrac


The Wagner Skytrac was a light utility helicopter developed in Germany in the 1960s and 70s. It used contra-rotating rotor blades and a simple frame. In 1971, the newly-formed Helikopter Technik Munchen (HTM) took over the manufacture and marketing of the Skytrac.

Derivatives & Versions

Skyrider 1971
Aerocar 1975

List of Operators of Wagner Skytrac

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Construction Numbers on database of Skytrac or its versions


Construction Numbers

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C/NBuilt asYearHistory
10 DE D-HAJE : Wagner Helicopter Technik FJ-V6, Skytrac 1, cn 10, ff:?+
11 DE D-HAJI : Wagner Helicopter Technik FJ-V7, Skytrac 3, cn 11, ff:?+
12 DE D-HARB : Wagner Helicopter Technik FJ-V8, Skytrac 1, cn 12, ff:?+
6 DE D-HAGO : Wagner Helicopter Technik FJ-V2 Skytrac cn 6, ff:?; reg+
7 DE D-HAGU : Aerocar Wagner Helicopter Technik FJ-V3 Skytrac cn 7, ff:?; reg+
8 DE D-HAGY : Wagner Helicopter Technik FJ-V4 Skytrac cn 8, ff:?; reg+
9 DE D-HAHI : Skyrider Wagner Helicopter Technik FJ-V5 Skytrac cn 9, ff:?; reg+
7 C/N.

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