Piasecki PV-14 / XHJP-1


After the first lying banana, Piasecki immediately set to work on a specification, issued by the US Navy Bureau of Aeronautics in 1945, for a shipboard helicopter to be used on aircraft carriers and larger vessels for SAR, liaison, replenishment and plane guard duties. The result was the PV-14 (designated XHJP-1 by the US Navy). Though only two prototypes were built, it spawned the PV-18 / HUP / H-25 series of heicopters.

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PV-18 1949

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C/NBuilt asYearHistory
1 1947 US 37976 : Piasecki PV-14 cn1, ff:?; del US Navy as XHJP-1, 37976,+
2 1947 US 37977 : Piasecki PV-14 cn2, ff:?; del US Navy as XHJP-1, 37977,+

2 C/N.