Airbus Helicopters ec145


H145M / EC645T2


Airbus Helicopters H145M / EC645T2

The Bk.117D2M is the military variant of the EC145T2, named LUH SOF ( Light Utility Helicopter, Special Operations Forces ) EC645T2. Renamed H145M in February 2015

Model News

HForce-Equipped H145M First Firing Test, 09-Nov-17 : Airbus tested the HForce weapon system on a H145M at Pápa Airbase in Hungary including guns, unguided rockets and cannons. The H145M, a militarized EC145T2, was acquired by Germany, Serbia and Thailand

Luftwaffe H145M in Jordan, 25-Sep-17 : Luftwaffe Squadron 64 tested the new H145M / EC645T2 helicopter in the Jordan desert

H145M First Flight with HForce Weapon System, 08-Sep-17 : The H145M / EC645T2 helicopter performed its first flight with a complete HForce weapon system at Airbus Germany Donauwörth facility. Serbia is the launch customer. Qualification scheduled for 2018

Luftwaffe Received 15th and Last H145M, 26-Jun-17 : Airbus delivered the 15th and final H145M/EC645T2 LUH SOF to be operated by the Luftwaffe on behalf Bundeswehr Special Forces Command (Kommando Spezialkräfte). First delivered on December 2015

Serbia Air Force and Police Orders 9 H145M, 28-Dec-16 : Serbian air force signed contract for 9 H145M / EC645T2. Plant "Moma Stanojlovic" near Belgrade will be certified as Maintenance Centre for these new helicopters plus the Gazelle already in service.

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From Organisation with model H145M / EC645T2
germany Airbus Helicopters Deutschland GmbH
    ec145 2014/now
germany Luftwaffe
    15 2015/now
kazakhstan Kazakhstan Engineering
thailand Royal Thai Army
thailand Royal Thai Navy
serbia Air Force and Air Defence Force
Construction Numbers on database of H145M / EC645T2


Construction Numbers Help Us

20001 DE D-HADX : h145 Eurocopter Germany
DE D-HADX : conv to H145M type; f/f Sep17 with HForce weapons sys+
H145M type; Oct17 HForce first live fire test at Papa,+
20016 2014 DE D-HADI : AH Germany, EC645T2 LUH-SOF f/f 27nov14
DE 76+01 : Kommando Spezialkräfte (KSK) Bundesweh
Sep17 pictured during trials in Jordan desert
20019 2014 DE 76+02 : Kommando Spezialkräfte (KSK) Bundesweh, test serial D-+
20033 DE 76+03 : Kommando Spezialkräfte (KSK) Bundesweh, test serial D-+
20051 DE D-HADP : Airbus Helicopters
DE 76+04 : Kommando Spezialkräfte (KSK) Bundeswehr
20057 2016 DE D-HADL : Airbus Helicopters Germany
TH 2213 : Thai Navy d/d 29apr16 at Donauwörth, Germany
20066 DE 76+05 : Kommando Spezialkräfte (KSK) Bundeswehr
20067 2016 TH 20067 : Thai Army, test serial D-HADT
20068 DE 76+06 : Kommando Spezialkräfte (KSK) Bundeswehr
20069 2016 TH 20069 : Thai Army, test serial D-HADH
20073 2016 DE D-HADA : Airbus Helicopters Germany
TH 2214 : Thai Navy d/d 29apr16 at Donauwörth, Germany
20080 2016 TH 20080 : Thai Army, test serial D-HCBT
20081 DE 76+07 : Kommando Spezialkräfte (KSK) Bundeswehr, test serial D+
20083 DE 76+08 : Kommando Spezialkräfte (KSK) Bundeswehr, test serial D+
29aug17 emergency landing near Schemmerhofen-Ingerkinge+
20092 2016 TH 2215 : Thai Navy, test serial D-HADJ
20094 2016 TH 2216 : Thai Navy, test serial D-HADM
20096 DE D-HADV : Airbus Helicopters
DE 76+09 : Kommando Spezialkräfte (KSK) Bundeswehr
20097 DE D-HCBQ : Airbus Helicopters
DE 76+10 : Kommando Spezialkräfte (KSK) Bundeswehr
20099 2016 TH 2217 : Thai Navy, test serial D-HMBF
20108 DE 76+11 : Kommando Spezialkräfte (KSK) Bundeswehr
20110 DE 76+12 : Kommando Spezialkräfte (KSK) Bundeswehr
20125 DE D-HADV : Airbus Helicopters
DE 76+13 : Kommando Spezialkräfte (KSK) Bundeswehr
20128 TH 20128 : Thai Army, test serial D-HMBB
20129 TH 20129 : Thai Army, test serial D-HMBF
20136 DE 76+14 : Kommando Spezialkräfte (KSK) Bundeswehr, test serial D+
20137 TH 20137 : Thai Army, test serial D-HADJ
20139 DE 76+15 : Kommando Spezialkräfte (KSK) Bundeswehr
27 C/N.

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