Eurocopter Puma Mk2


Derived from Aerospatiale sa330 puma


Eurocopter Puma Mk2

Twenty four Royal Air Force Puma HC.1 modified by Eurocopter France at Marseille (4) and Eurocopter Romania (20) under the RAF Puma Life Extension Programme to maintain the type operational until 2025. Upgrades includes new Turbomeca Makila 1A1 engines, a glass cockpit and improved self-protection equipment. First aircraft, XW232, handed over in late 2012 to QinetiQ for final tuning.

As of June 2013, 8 airframes have been completed. The 24th Puma was received from Romania in March 2015.

Model News

RAF Puma HC.2 Complete First Year in Afghanistan, 01-Apr-16 : In their first operational deployment, RAF Puma Mk.2 helicopters from Operation Toral completed one year in Kabul. They replaced the Chinook detachment on April 2015 in NATO mission Resolute Support

RAF Puma HC.2 Fleet Reaches 10,000 Flight Hours, 24-Mar-16 : The 24 Puma HC.2 upgraded in France and Romania under the RAF Puma Life Extension Programme (LEP) between 2012 and March 2015 have reached 10,000 flight hours last february

10,000 Flight Hours for RAF Puma Mk.2, 18-Feb-16 : The Royal Air Force marked significant milestone as they reached 10,000 flying hours for the Puma HC.2 helicopter fleet

RAF 33 Squadron Marks 100 Years, 13-Jan-16 : Royal Air Force 33 Squadron marked 100 years since its formation. They fly the SA330 Puma since 1971, currently in their HC.2 variant.

UK RAF Puma Electronic Warfare to be Updated, 29-Jul-15 : Selex ES has won a contract worth around €27M (£19M) to provide an ongoing radar warning capability for the UK Royal Air Force’s fleet of Puma helicopters.

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From Organisation with model Puma Mk2
united kingdom Royal Air Force
    24 2012/now

Construction Numbers Help Us

C/NBuilt asYearHistory
1042 sa330e 1970 UK XW199 : sa330e d/d 29 Jan 1971 240 OCU?/CY by Sep 1973; 230 Sq/DU by M+
RAF Puma HC1; 2007 33Sqn.
1563 Flt 2009; PASF until c Sep 2009
230 Sq by Oct 2009
Conv to HC.2 by Feb16
1074 sa330e 1971 UK XW204 : sa330e RAF Puma HC1 Fairey c/n F.9751 ; in 1995 18Sqn.
27aug09 pictured at RAF Benson
RAF Puma HC.2 Jun13
1096 sa330e 1971 UK XW209 : sa330e RAF Puma HC.1 Fairey c/n F.9772; 1983 33Sqn /CF; 1987 3+
1563 Flt, in Iraq Jun 2009; to Kenya Jul 2009 (for 33Sq+
Conv to Puma HC.2, Aug14
1111 sa330e 1971 UK XW212 : sa330e RAF Puma HC1 ff 12 jul 1971, dd 26 Jul 1971; 33 Sq/CJ b+
240 OCU/FD noted at Coypool 3 Jun 1982
1997 27(r)Sqn.
1563 Flt 2009; PASF until c Sep 2009
230 Sq by Oct 2009
02jul11 pictured with 230Sqn at RAF Waddington
2013 conv to HC.2
1116 sa330e 1971 UK XW213 : sa330e 33Sq/CJ, noted visiting Dunkeswell 3 Jun 1982
RAF Puma HC1 in 1997 27(r)Sqn.
230 Sq by Nov 2009
conv to Puma HC.2; 23oct14 pictured at RAF Northolt
1120 sa330e 1971 UK XW214 : sa330e RAF Puma HC.1; 1970s pictured (pic1) unk location
damaged at Aldergrove as 33 Sq/CL on 8 Feb 1972
Oct94 United Nations colours
2007 33Sqn
May11 pictured (pic2) at RAF Benson
2014 conv to Puma HC.2 type
Jul14 asg 230Sqn at HB2014, Ovar airbase, Portugal
21may16 HC.2 type asg 230Sq pictured (pic3) at Zaragoz+
1129 sa330e 1971 UK XW216 : sa330e dd 5 Oct 1971 33 Sq/CN by Sep 1972, 33 Sq/CL by May 198+
33 Sq/CL by 1989 still 1990; BFME/F by 1991; 33 Sq/CL b+
1563 Flt /CL Belize by 1988
RAF Puma HC1 in 2007 33Sqn.
27aug09 pictured with 230 Sqd at RAF Benson
PASF Sep 2009
2012 conv to Puma HC.2
Aug14 at RAF Marham
1134 sa330e 1971 UK XW217 : sa330e RAF Puma HC1; 1983 /CJ 33Sqn.; 2004 33Sqn.
Conv to Puma HC.2, Oct14
10sep17 airlifted by C-17 to Caribbean from RAF Brize N+
1144 sa330e 1971 UK XW219 : sa330e RAF Puma HC.1 ff/f 17nov71, d/d 06dec971
26mar92 230Sqn./DC visit Twenthe for Tiger meet
230 Sq by Nov 2009
2011 RAF Benson
26aug14 HC.2 type pictured at Newquay
1148 sa330e 1971 UK XW220 : sa330e RAF Puma HC1 in July 1991 /CZ 33Sqn.
Jul91 pictured as /CZ in dessert camo during Fairford a+
230 Sq by Nov 2009
Conv by HC.2 by Nov15
1166 sa330e 1972 UK XW224 : sa330e RAF Puma HC11; 1982 230Sqn /DH; 1990 230Sqn /DH; jul91 +
24+25jul99 33Sqn. Fairford air show
1563 Flt, in Iraq Jun 2009; to Kenya Jul 2009 (for 33Sq+
May 2011 pictured at RAF Benson
Conv to Puma HC.2
1185 sa330e 1972 UK XW229 : sa330e RAF Puma HC1 in 1990 /DB 230Sqn. ; 2003 33Sqn.
1563 Flt by May 2009; returned to UK 19 Jun 2009; 33 Sq+
Conv to Puma HC.2, Jun14
w/o 11oct15 at NATO Resolute Support mission HQ in Kabu+
1195 sa330e 1972 UK XW231 : sa330e RAF Puma HC1
70s/80s pictured (top) as /CO
1983 33 Sqn /CM
06nov92 pictured (middle) as 240 OCU /FD at RAF Odiham
1995 27Sqn
Jul05 pictured (bot) in tiger cammo during Royal Intern+
2007 1563Flt.; 2011 33/230Sqn.
230 Sq by Nov 2009
RAF Puma HC.2 2013
1199 sa330e 1972 UK XW232 : sa330e RAF type: Puma HC.1; 1983 230Sqn./DJ; 1986 230Sqn./DJ
05oct97 33Sqn. at Groningen
2003 33Sqn.; 2007 33Sqn.
FR F-ZWDE : Eurocopter France 2012, conv to Puma Mk2
UK XW232 : QinetiQ Mk2 type d/d Sep12
UK XW232 : RAF Puma HC.2 Apr13
1212 sa330e 1972 UK XW235 : sa330e RAF Puma HC.1; 1983 33Sqn./CP
230Sq/DM visited the Air Tattoo, 23 Jun 1979
20sep91 33Sqn. visit Antwerp
2007 33Sqn.
19jul10 pictured at RIAT airshow
FR F-ZWBI : 2012 conv to Puma HC.2
UK XW235 : RAF Puma HC.2 Jul13
1218 sa330e 1972 UK XW237 : sa330e RAF Puma HC1 in 1992 /CR 33Sqn.
26aug14 HC.2 type pictured (top) at Newquay
16sep15 pictured (bot) at DSEI 2015, London Excel Royal+
1310 sa330h ZA 144 : sa330h SAAF; to UK as ZJ954
UK ZJ954 : sa330e RAF Puma HC.1;10sep06 33 Sqn special c/s Tag der Heeres+
2007 33 Sqn.
RO ZJ954 : Eurocopter Romania 2009
UK ZJ954 : RAF Puma HC.2 Apr13
09apr14 flying over Derby at about 900 ft
Jul14 asg 230Sqn at HB2014, Ovar airbase, Portugal
1363 sa330h ZA 148 : sa330h to UK as ZJ955
UK ZJ955 : ex SAAF 148. conv Puma HC1. RAF 1563 Flight
18nov09 at RAF Benson asg 230 Sqd
11jul14 HC.2 type pictured (pic1) as /P black painted a+
26aug14 pictured (pic2) at Newquay
1st Puma HC.2 to reach 1000 flying hours.
1374 sa330h ZA 172 : sa330h SAAF; 1995 15Sqn.
to UK as ZJ956
UK ZJ956 : conv Puma HC1. RAF 1563 Flight, ex SAAF 172
Conv to Puma HC.2
11Jun17 pictured at RAF Cosford Air Show
1474 sa330h ZA 169 : sa330h SAAF; to UK as ZJ957
UK ZJ957 : sa330e RAF d/d 08jan08, ex SAAF 169; conv Puma HC.1; to 1563 f+
33Sq B Flt, to Kenya Sep 2009
2014 conv to HC.2 type
Jul14 asg 230Sqn at HB2014, Ovar airbase, Portugal
06oct16 33 Sq pictured at RAF Northolt during Nightshoo+
1633 sa330e UK ZA935 : sa330e RAF Puma HC.1; 1970s pictured (pic1) as /CT; 2011 230 S+
20sep91 33Sqn. visit Antwerp
230Sq until Aug 2009; 33Sq B Flt, to Kenya Sep 2009
RAF Puma HC.2 Jun13
18apr17 pictured (pic2) as first Puma Mk2 boarding an A+
1640 sa330e 1980 UK ZA936 : sa330e RAF Puma HC.1; 1980s pictured as /CU
23oct81 33Sqn./CU
1983 33Sqn./CU
24+25jul99 33Sqn. Fairford air show
2006 at Camp Bastion, Afghanistan
Conv to Puma HC.2
1653 sa330e UK ZA939 : sa330e RAF Puma HC.1; 24+25jun99 230Sqn. Fairford air show
RAF Puma HC1; 2003 33Sqn.; 2004 33Sqn.
17jul07 pictured as /CX at Kleine Brogel belgian milita+
Conv to Puma HC.2
1656 sa330e 1981 UK ZA940 : sa330e RAF Puma HC1 in 1983 /CY 33Sqn.
Conv to Puma HC.2
24 C/N.

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