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Robinson R66 Turbine

Model News

Canada certifies Robinson R66 Turbine, 31-May-13 : Torrance, CA - On 31 May 2013, Transport Canada issued its type certificate for the R66. Thirteen U.S. registered R66 helicopters are currently operating in Canada, and Robinson will deliver another thirteen by the end of this year.

R66 Turbine receives Russian certification, 21-Mar-13 : Torrance, CA — On 15 March 2013, the IAC AR, Russia’s FAA equivalent, issued its type certificate for the R66 Turbine. With twenty-two R66 helicopters built and awaiting export to Russia, the long awaited news was a cause for celebration.

100th Robinson R66 delivered, 10-Feb-12 : Torrance, CA — On 23 December 2011, R66 serial number 0100 rolled off Robinson’s production line, one year and two months after the R66 Turbine received FAA certification.

R66 Turbine Receives FAA Type Certificate, 26-Oct-10 : Torrance, CA — On October 25, 2010, three years and eight months after Robinson Helicopter publicly announced plans to develop a five-place turbine helicopter, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) presented Frank Robinson with Type Certificate No. R00015LA for the much-anticipated R66.

List of Operators of Robinson R66 Turbine

From Organisation with model R66 Turbine
usa Robinson Helicopter
    r-66 2007/   
australia Heliflite Australia
    r-66 2010/   
united kingdom Helicopter Services Ltd
Construction Numbers on database of R66 Turbine


Construction Numbers

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0001 US N466R : Robinson
0002 2009 US N266RH : Robinson, experimental
marine 15nov14 FAA approved float options; redesig R66 Turbine+
0003 US N4512G : Robinson
0004 2010 US N4506Y : R66 First Production aircraft; Helistream Inc at Costa+
Polar Star Corp at Kalispell, MT from Dec10
0010 US N266CY : w/o 01oct11 crash 1m south of Philip, SD, USA. 1 fatali+
0011 2010 AU VH-ZVQ : Heliflite from Jan11
AU VH-ZVQ : Bankstown Helicopters Pty Ltd from Feb11
0015 NZ ZK-HAG : Heliops Southland Ltd; w/o 14nov16 during spraying run +
0016 2011 US N66NN : Aerospace Trust Management Llc at Wilmington, DE Feb11-+
UK N66NN : 19jun11 pictured at AeroExpo Sywell, UK with Robinson r+
UK G-JNNH : Hawsbates Llp from May14
0017 US N66UK : 19jun11 pictured (top) at AeroExpo Sywell, UK. R-44 G-C+
UK N66UK : 24sep13 pictured (bot) at the Excel Exhibition Centre, +
0018 US N3366L raven helicopters :
0019 US N166KY B & B air services :
0020 2011 US N109AS : Robinson
0025 2011 US N4481R : Robinson
0026 2011 US N45357 : Robinson
Feb.2012 at St.Hubert airport, Canada
0029 ZA ZS-HHN : Starlite, test serial N44765
0031 2011 US N4478K : Sloane Helicopters North America Inc at Wilmington, DE +
UK G-DIGA : AT and P Rentals Ltd Sep14-May15
UK G-DIGA : Helicopter Services Ltd from May15
0032 RU RA-1981G : w/o 09apr16 near Sidorenky, Serpukhov district, Moscow +
0034 2011 US N44829 : Robinson May11
DE N44829 : Heli-Flight Germany Reichelsheim , D-HRGG not asg
US N44829 : Aircraft Guaranty Corp Trustee at Onalaska, TX from May+
UK ? : HQ Aviation from Jan15
0035 2011 CO HK-4815-X : Fundacion Cardiovascular de Colombia (FCV) HEMS, test s+
0040 RU RA-1588G : OOO Tehnodrom; w/o 28jun14 at Apsheronsky. 4 fatalities
0041 2011 US N66MV : Heli4Charter Aviation Inc Trustee at Wilmington, DE Sep+
UK G-SLDC : Heli4-Charter Llp from Jul14
0042 US N117TW : Zions Credit Corp; w/o 23jun16 impacted terrain in Mari+
0046 2011 NG ? : NAF, ex N804SF
0059 2011 US N4502G : from Nov11
06apr13 pictured at Wellesbourne Mountford, England
0065 US N45149 : Arrow Trading Inc at Fort Lauderdale, FL Oct/Dec 2011
BR PR-GZP : Limeira Agropecuária e Participações Ltda
0068 US N656LH : Lloyd Helicopters Us from Oct11
MY N656LH : Solaire Malaysia, Feb12
LK 4R-SAK : Cosmos Aviation Sri Lanka, based at Colombo. Currently +
0072 AU VH-HQM : Australia, to New Zealand as Unk
VU YJ-VHL : Vanuatu Helicopters
0075 2011 NG ? : NAF, ex N7033V
0078 AU VH-KJJ : to ZK-IHU
NZ ZK-IHU : w/o 09mar13 Crashed at Oamaru Valley, near Taupo, New Z+
0094 BR PR-RBH : 22mar14 pictured at Condomínio Aeronáutico Costa Esme+
0098 BR PR-DDU : Wakestar Empreendimentos Imobiliarios Ltda from Feb13, +
0109 BR PR-SVL : 08nov13 pictured at Campo de Marte Airport, São Paulo
0114 2012 US N49LG : Southern Cross Aircraft Llc at Fort Lauderdale, FL from+
Feb/Mar 2015, sold Robinson R66 2012 Only 10 (ten) hour+
0115 2012 US N966MC : Robinson from Feb12; 11feb12 pictured at HeliExpo 2012,+
US N966MC : Marco Air at Wilmington, DE from Mar12
0154 2012 US N66EV : Leisure & Retail Helicopters Inc Trustee at Wilmington,+
UK G-NSEV : Leisure and Retail Helicopters from Jul14
0181 RU RA-06354 : LLC Sfera; w/o 21aug15 near Khlyupino, Odintsovsky Dist+
0195 2012 BR PR-MXM : Resort PortoBello Nov12; w/o 20nov13 ditched off Guaib+
0200 BR PR-HXH : reg Dec12
0212 RU RA-06347 : Helicopter Club Solnechny, Russia; w/o 07aug16 hit powe+
0213 BR PR-SIX : Brazil, Sep13
0216 2012 AU VH-YSE : Heliflite from Feb13
0234 2013 BR PR-HHG : from Mar13
0280 2013 BR PR-KOC : Koch Hipermercado Ltd from Oct13
0320 2013 US N7071U : Robinson Helicopters May13
CL CC-AKQ : Transportes Heli-Chile SA; 27mar14 pictured at Santiago+
Jun15 at Santiago de Chile
0349 2013 US N66CN : Aerospace Trust Management Llc Trustee at Wilmington, D+
UK G-OHAS : Heli Air Scotland from Jun14
0351 BR PT-TPT : 08nov13 pictured at Campo de Marte Airport, São Paulo
0360 BR PR-IZE : 08nov13 pictured at Campo de Marte Airport, São Paulo
0383 2013 US N7021Z : private at Orlando, FL Jul14-Feb15
Delaware Trust Co Trustee at Wilmington, DE from Mar15
26apr16 at Denham
0409 US N646AG : w/o 27jul13 8m Skyhaven airport, Tunkhannock, PA. 5 fat+
0412 BD S2-AGT : Square Air Limited; w/o 01oct17 Pabna, Bangladesh
0430 RU RA-06382 : OOO Ferma Lugovaja; w/o 05apr15 Gorodki, Orenburgskaja +
0443 2013 US N99MX : Southern Aircraft Consultancy Inc Trustee Sep13-Jun15 +
PL SP-MWW : Poland
0453 2013 US N7080J : Shier Aviation at San Diego, CA , ntu
Oct13-Mar14, sold Robinson R66 2013 - New 2013 Robinson+
0459 RU RA-06205 : Kustard; w/o 20jan15 Tashanta Kosh-Agach district, Alta+
0483 2014 US N7035L : Robinson Mar14
US N7035L : Mar/Jul 2014, sold Robinson R66, Brand New 2014
17sep14 flying over Nashville, TN
0484 RU RA-06233 : w/o 18apr16 at Island Belyi, Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous +
0485 2014 US N67GA : Guidance Louisiana Llc at Baton Rouge, LA from Jun14
0487 2014 US N660LH : Custom Security Marine at Wilmington, DE Mar/Jul 2014
Tigertown Helicopters at Baton Rouge, LA from Aug14
Sep/Nov 2017, sold Robinson R66 2014; one owner airplan+
0498 2014 US N27DB : Zion Helicopter at Hurricane, UT from Dec14; 27feb15 pi+
0516 2014 UK G-HKCC : HQ Aviation from Sep14, test serial N664VA
0544 2014 DE D-HALX : Air Lloyd Deutsche Helicopter GmbH from Dec14
0551 2014 US N79GA : Guidance Louisiana Llc at Baton Rouge, LA from Oct14
0554 2014 IT I-RSIX : Elifriulia, First R66 in Italy
0555 2014 UK G-CIKX : Heli-Air Ltd Nov 2014
UK G-CIKX : SMT Aviation from Nov14
0556 2014 UK G-SYES : Heli-Air Ltd Nov/Dec 2014
UK G-SYES : SD Helicopters Llp from Dec14
0559 2014 UK G-LARD : Heli-Air Ltd Nov/Dec 2014
UK G-LARD : Perry Farming Company from Dec14
0581 2015 UK G-LROK : Heli Air Feb/Mar 2015
UK G-LROK : London Rock Supplies Ltd from Mar15; w/o 12sep15 at Den+
0631 2015 UK G-FLOE : Heli Air Ltd from Nov15
UK G-FLOE : Advance Helicopters school at Shoreham from Dec15
0634 AT OE-XHA : Austria private; w/o 08sep16 near Heiligenblut, Großgl+
0678 DO HI986 : Apr16 at La Isabela, Dominican Rep
0698 2016 UK G-CIZG : Heli Air Ltd Feb/Apr 2016
UK G-CIZG : Buildrandom Ltd from Apr16
71 C/N.

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