Doman lz-4a

from R.Simpson Airlifes Helicopter and Rotorcraft, 1998 The LZ-4A had a capacious fuselage with three rows of double seats in the main cabin and a two-crew flight deck in front. Large folding doors provided access for loading bulky cargo into the main compartment. The tail boom was conventional with a cranked-up rear section mounting a tail rotor, and the LZ-4A sat on a four-leg undercarriage with trailing link dampers. A 400hp Lycoming SO-590-B engine was positioned in the lower nose, driving the four-blade rotor via a flexible transmission. Following its first flight in November 1950, and subsequent testing, Doman moved on to the improved LZ-5 and transferred the LZ-4A (N74147) to Curtiss Wright as a test vehicle.

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C/NBuilt asYearHistory
1950 US N74147 : Doman LZ-4A, cn?, ff:1950; reg Doman Helicopters as N74+

1 C/N.